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Stair Lifts: 2024 Ultimate Stairlift Guide

stair lift in home installed by Lifeway MobilityA stair lift is a battery powered, motorized chair that glides up and down a staircase on a rail mounted to the stair treads. Stair lifts can be installed indoors and outdoors in homes, churches, and other public buildings where permitted. Although, they are most popular for people with limited mobility that can no longer safely use the stairs at home. The typical user is able to stand, sit, and pivot with little to no assistance.

According to an AARP survey, 90% of seniors prefer to remain at home as they age rather than moving to an assisted living facility. However, aging, injuries, and illnesses can make it difficult and unsafe to navigate stairs alone. When installed in conjunction with other home modifications, a stair lift can allow you to remain in the home you know and love. And as the overall American population continues to age, stair lifts are becoming more popular – making them widely available at affordable prices, especially when comparing the monthly cost of assisted living facilities or retirement homes.

So how do you decide if a stair lift is the right solution for you or your loved one? This Lifeway Mobility Stair Lift Guide has all the answers you’ll need to find the best stair lift for you or your family member.

Table of Contents (Topics Covered in this Guide)

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Who Are the Most Common Stair Lift Users?

A stair lift can be a great home safety solution in many situations, but listed below are those can benefit the most from the installation of a stair lift: 

  • An ambulatory person who can walk on flat surfaces, but struggles with the stairs
  • Wheelchair users that can safely transfer laterally

Here are some of the most common situations that we encounter when doing a home evaluation for a stair lift:

  • An injury or surgery has made it impossible to safely navigate the stairs to reach a bedroom located on the second floor.
  • The laundry room is in the basement, and it would be too much of a hassle to bring the washing machine and dryer to the first floor.
  • A couple living in a multi-level home is starting to find it difficult to use the stairs due to a decline in mobility 

If any of those situations listed above sound familiar to you, and moving to a single-level home or senior living is not an option that you want to consider, then a stair lift is a great option for you. Size and weight of the typical stair lift user are usually not an issue as the weight capacity of a stair lift typically ranges from 300-400 lbs. However, we do offer a Harmar heavy-duty stair lift model with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. if needed.

With the installation of a stair lift, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy the home you love, and the risk of a serious injury from falling on the stairs will no longer be a worry. 


Stair Lift Components & Features


A stair lifts consists of three major components, which are the rail, chair, and power source.

Bruno stairlift rail on staircase


The rail is what the the chair glides on as it goes up or down a staircase. The shape and design of a stairlift rail can vary from one manufacturer to another, but most are made out of aluminum or steel. Bruno's narrow profile vertical rail is one of the best in the industries, which is one of a few reasons why Lifeway most often recommends Bruno stairlifts. Its slim rail maximizes space on the stairs and allows for smooth ride. In addition, the gear rack is covered on both straight and curved rail models, reducing exposure to dust and grease.

Regardless of the type of stairlift, the rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs and does not require a wall support.


Bruno Elite stairlift chair installed by Lifeway Mobility

Similar to the rail, the chair of a stairlift can come in different "shapes and sizes". The chair is what provides a way to get up and down the stairs safely and comfortably for users. It also folding components, including the armrests, seat, and footrest. Most manufacturers have a couple different chair options, which include upholstery color choices in some cases. 

In addition to providing a safe and comfortable ride, the chair also houses the entire system of a stairlift, including primary components for the lift to function (i.e. motor and batteries).

Power Source

The source of power for a stair lift are 12v batteries, which is charged when the unit is not in use at the top and bottom landing positions. Any regular 120v household outlet is all that is needed to keep the batteries charging. 

While most stair lift models have charging stations at the top or bottom of the steps, Bruno straight stairlifts have a continuous charging system that will charge the unit regardless of where it is at on the rail. This type of advance charging system prevents the unit from unknowingly draining the battery.


Every stairlift feature has a corresponding benefit for the user of the lift and/or their family members, friends or caregivers. Listed below are the main features of a stair lift.

Seat, Footrest, & Armrests

A seat, footrest, and armrests come standard for a majority of stairlifts in the industry. These components can be folded manually (powered footrest is an added safety options) at the top and bottom landings of a staircase to maximize space on the staircase the unit is not in use. This allows others to easily go up and down the stairs by foot still, without the lift being an obstruction.

stairlift installed by Lifeway Mobility with components folded at bottom landing

Swivel Seat

Every stairlift is equipped with a manual swivel seat for a safe exit/entry at the top landing of the staircase. The chair rotates up to 90° by manually pushing down on a level located next to the seat and locks in place once fully swiveled as seen below. 

man getting of swiveled stairlift at top landing of staircase stairlift swiveled at top of staircase for safe exit from chair

Safety Features

A seat belt and obstruction sensors are typically the main safety features. The seat belt provides a safe and secure ride, while the sensors will stop the unit should there be an obstacle in its path.

Remote Controls

All stair lifts come with either one or two remote controls. Easily "call and send" the chair up or down the rail. The remotes are perfect for when the lift is being used by more than one person in the home.

stairlift remote control

Types of Stair Lifts:


Straight Stair Lift for HomesStraight Stairlifts:

The most common and economical type of stair lift is a straight stair lift for an indoor staircase. Straight stair lifts come with a standardized rail that can be cut to fit any average straight staircase. There are a number of different manufacturers to choose from if you have a straight staircase; we most often recommend Bruno for their lift quality, vertical design rail, robust stairlift warranty, and positive customer reviews.

Weight capacities for straight rail stair lifts range between 300-600 lbs. on average. For added safety and/or comfort, there are several upgrade options to choose from. Straight stair lifts are the quickest to install, offering a quick and easy way to regain safe access to an upstairs bedroom or basement laundry room.


man riding curved stair lift in homeCurved Stairlifts:

If a staircase has curves, turns, or intermediate landings, then a curved stair lift will be needed to gain access to an additional floor level of a home. The rail of most the curved units in the industry are custom-built by the manufacturers. However, there are some curved rail models that are built with aluminum modular rail.

For custom curved models, which are most often recommended for the best fit, manufacturers use a technical photo system to ensure the rail is built to fit the exact design of your staircase.

Lifeway Mobility Expert Tip: If you are on a budget, consider the option of having two straight rails installed on a staircase that has an intermediate landing, instead of a curved rail. This can help save money, but our stairlift experts will only recommend this alternative to a curved unit if it is a safe option for the user. This is a common solution in tri-level homes.


Residential Outdoor Stair LiftOutdoor Stair Lifts:

Straight & Curved Rail Options Available:

If you or a loved one has a set of stairs outside the home that can no longer be safely navigated, consider looking into an outdoor stair lift. The rail and chair are built to withstand outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and high winds, and they come with a cover to protect them when not in use.

For the Bruno outdoor models, there are two types of covers that you can choose from to protect the lift. The first option is bag cover, which is located underneath the seat to maximize space on the staircase for others to continue to navigate by foot. A canopy cover is the second option, which provides a cover over the user when needed, and remains upright behind the seat when not in use.

woman riding new outdoor Bruno stairlift from Lifeway Mobility

Commercial Stair Lift installed in Church by Lifeway Mobility BaltimoreCommercial Stair Lifts:

Straight & Curved Available

A wheelchair lift or ramp is often the best accessible solution for businesses, schools, churches, and even the common areas of condominiums. However, when a commercial or public building is limited on space, and budget is an issue, a safety accommodation such as a commercial stair lift is the next best option. To have a stair lift installed in a condo, church or other building, it must be equipped with an overspeed break and keyed controls. The commercial stair lift model that we offer comes with a 400 lb. weight capacity, are most commonly installed in churches and other places of worship. 

Stair Lift Options

To enhance the safety, usability, and comfort, there are several available added safety stair lift options that can upgrade a lift. Please note that some options outlined below may not be available on all stair lift models offered by Lifeway Mobility.

Power Folding Stair Lift

Folding Rail:

A manual or power folding rail is a perfect addition if there is a doorway at the bottom of the stairs, or if the rail is in the middle of a hallway and presents a tripping hazard for other family members and visitors. Folding rails are typically added to straight rail lifts, although there are some curved units that can be equipped with a folding rail, such as the Harmar UP curved stairlift.

While both folding rails provide a way to prevent the rail from becoming tripping hazard at the bottom of the stairs (with heavy foot traffic), there are situations where the manual folding rail is better than the power folding rail and vice versa. Our stairlift experts can help you determine which type of folding rail is best for your home.

Compare the manual and power folding rail options.

Power Folding Footrest:


Standard: A power-folding footrest is commonly added when the person who will be using the lift cannot bend down to fold the footrest up and down. When lifting the seat of the chair up, the footrest will automatically fold with it. Push the seat down and the footrest will come down automatically.

Arm Activated Option: To make this even easier, there is an option that enables the footrest to be folded by a push of a button on the armrest. This can be especially helpful for many users as it allows them to sit down onto seat without having the footrest already folded down.

woman safely exiting stairlift at top of stairs using power swivel seatPower Swivel Seat:

If mobility issues prevent someone from being able to safely swivel the chair manually then a power swivel seat is highly recommended. The power swivel is controlled by a switch that will be located on the chair's arm and the wireless call sends that come with the lift.

Larger Footrest:

A larger footrest option can be selected if the standard footrest is too small. A visit to a nearby showroom is a great way to determine if you need to upgrade the size of the footrest.

Choice of Upholstery:

If you don’t like the standard upholstery color of the stair lift you select, you can choose an upgraded color option to better match your home’s decor. Please note that seat color and design can only be selected as an upgraded option for certain stair lift models. There are also custom options available.

Stairlift in Lifeway Pittsburgh showroom with black and yellow upholstery  stairlift installed by Lifeway with cream upholstery

Is a Stair Lift Safe for Me to Use?

When installed by a professional installer from a licensed company, a stair lift offers a much safer way to navigate a staircase for those with limited mobility. While it may not be the recommended solution for everyone, but it is great solution for those who have limited mobility, but are still able to sit and stand with little to no assistance. A Lifeway Mobility stair lift expert can help confirm whether or not, you, or a friend or loved one, will be able to safely use the lift at home.

Stair lifts are also very easy to operate for most people, and they include built-in safety features outlined above, such as a seatbelt and obstruction safety sensors. The seat height and arm rests can also be adjusted on certain models to maximize comfort and safety.


Learn more about stair lift safety ›

Stair Lift Benefits

independence regained for older adult with the installation of a stair liftA stair lift can provide multiple benefits for the person using it, as well as the caregivers and loved ones who may be concerned about a family member being unable to safely climb a set of stairs. The main benefits are:

  • Independence: One of the top reasons that people choose to have a stair lift installed is to regain their independence at home. A person’s independence becomes limited when they no longer feel comfortable using a staircase at home and require someone’s assistance to safely use the stairs. A stair lift can provide access to the bedrooms upstairs or laundry room downstairs, which means that you or a loved will no longer have to sleep downstairs or avoid going downstairs to do the laundry.
  • Safety: Limited mobility puts individuals at risk of slipping, missing a step, or tripping on an item on the stairs. Fortunately, these mishaps can be prevented with the installation of a stair lift. After installation, all you’ll need to do is sit on the chair, buckle your seat belt, and with a press of a button, you’ll be safely transported up/down the stairs in no time!
  • Peace of Mind: Your family will have peace of mind knowing that the risk of an injury on the stairs has been greatly reduced. It’ll also remove any anxiety you may have had when trying to climb up and down the stairs.
  • Cost-Effective Solution & You Can Stay in Your Home: When comparing the price of a stair lift to the monthly cost of independent senior living community or assisted living facility, a stair lift is by far the more cost-effective solution if the stairs at home are no longer manageable. According to the average monthly cost of a senior independent living community ranges between $1,500-$4000, and it's even higher for an assisted living facility, ranging between $3,500-$10,500. A stairlift will have already payed for itself in a few months, and allow for you to stay in the home and community that you've come to know and love.

Learn more about the benefits of a stair lift.

Stair Lift Prices

How Much Does a Stairlift Cost?

It is difficult to provide an exact price of a stair lift because there are many different types, configurations, and added safety options available. However, the cost overviews below will at least give you a general idea of what you can expect to pay. To get an exact quote for your staircase at home, please contact us to set up a FREE in-home consultation with one of our accessibility experts.

straight stairlift installed by Lifeway Mobility
Straight Stairlift installed by Lifeway

Straight Stair Lift Pricing:

If your staircase is straight and does not have any intermediate landings, then you can expect to pay somewhere between $2,500–$8,000 for a straight rail stairlift (new or used). Availability of used lifts varies by location.

Pricing will vary depending on the length of the staircase, location, and added safety options. Warranty coverage is provided on the major components, parts, and labor for new and used stairlifts from Lifeway Mobility.

If you are on a tight budget, we offer low monthly payment financing options (for qualified buyers), which can get you a stairlift for as low as $59.25/month.

Curved Stair Lift Pricing:

The price of curved stair lift starts around $11,000 and ranges upward from there, depending on a number of different factors, such as the staircase configuration, location, options, and other factors. Curved rail stair lifts are typically more expensive than straight stair lifts because the rail must be custom-fit to your unique staircase.

Rental Stair Lift Pricing

Similar to our used stair lifts, a rental option is only feasible if your staircase is straight (all stair lifts that we rent come from our certified pre-owned inventory). The pricing of our rental options includes the first three months of rental, installation and removal, and service if/when needed. At the conclusion of the first three months of rent, there will be a monthly fee for each additional month that the lift is needed. Please contact us to learn more about our rental options

Get Free Stairlift Quote

Should I Choose a New, Used, or Rental Stair Lift?

stairlift installed by Lifeway Mobility in IndianpolisNew

Choosing between a new, used, or rental stair lift will depend on your mobility needs and unique situation. If you are not on a strict budget and will need the lift for more than a year, then a new lift is likely the best option for you. A new model offers the best warranty coverage on components, parts, and labor.


If you are on a tight budget, then "used" might be a better option. While it may not offer as robust of a warranty as a new unit, you’ll still be receiving a lift is in good condition that provides a safe way to get up and down the stairs at home. All of the used stair lifts that Lifeway offers are "certified used", which means that they are cleaned, inspected for safe use, and equipped with new batteries.


Renting a stair lift is a great solution for temporary needs (i.e. recovery from surgery) or if you need the lift for a specific period of time that happens to be less than a year. If you'll need to use the lift longer than a year, it is more cost beneficial to purchase one. Please call (847) 215-9490 and one of our stair lift experts will be happy to help you determine if purchasing or renting is the better option for your mobility needs and situation. 

How Do I Pay for a Stair Lift?

If you are finding that the price ranges listed above are not within your budget, consider these funding options to help pay for a stair lift:

  • Veterans Affairs (VA): If you are a veteran and in need of a safe way to get up and down the stairs at home, please contact your local VA hospital. The VA offers different types of waivers for straight and curved stair lifts (as well as wheelchair lifts) for those who meet their criteria.
  • Medicaid Waiver: There are some states that offer Medicaid waiver programs that will cover the cost of the stairlift. Depending on the state you live in, you may be able to apply for this waiver through the Department of Health & Human Services or an insurance carrier. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Consumer Financing: Some stair lift providers offer financing to qualified buyers in which the stair lift is paid off in monthly payments. Typically, there will be a down payment required and an interest rate determined by your credit score is applied to the payments.
  • Other Options: You may also consider other financing options to help cover the cost of your stair lift, such as a home improvement loan, reverse mortgage, state grant, or state-based home modification program. Your local township may even offer grants to assist with home modifications for people with disabilities.

Our team is also more than happy to help you find a funding resource that can assist with covering the cost of an accessibility solution. We have worked with several funding sources on both a national and local level.

How to Choose the Best Stair Lift Company


A stairlift is a major purchase, so you'll want to take time to research the product, as well as the manufacturer and local dealers. Look for a dealer that is genuinely concerned about providing the best stairlift solution to improve your (and/or your family member's) safety and independence at home. It's also important to ensure the company is licensed, insured, and provides professional installation from trained and certified technicians. Service after installation is also another key factor to consider and ask about.

Lifeway Mobility consultant taking time to understand customer's specific mobility needs to recommend best stairlift

In addition, you'll want to consider the country of where the lift is manufactured when making your decision. Buying an American made stairlift is a wise choose because of the cost associated with shipping and the ability to ship parts quickly in case of an emergency.

Stairlift Reviews

Many years ago it was difficult about the reputability of a company or product unless someone you knew had already purchased the product. Today, you can easily do research on products like stair lifts by reading reviews on Google or trusted review platforms such as Trust Pilot, Consumer AffairsBetter Business Bureau.

Lifeway Mobility is honored to be recognized as the Best Stair Lift Company by the National Council on Aging and US News!

Lifeway Mobility recognized as best stairlift company by the National Council on Aging

Check out our stair lift reviews and video testimonials to see what customers are saying about their experiences with Lifeway Mobility.


Service Provided After Installation

Lifeway Mobility technician servicing stairlift

Choose a company that you can rely on to service the lift after it’s installed. There are many companies that will only install the lift, leaving you to look for a separate service provider. For peace of mind and ensuring there is someone to call for service, it's wise to choose a dealer that offers ongoing service and maintenance.

Check out Lifeway's Stairlift Repair & Trouble Shoot Guide -- this will help you better identify an issue with your lift if stops working. It can also help you determine if the issue requires a simple fix that you can solve or if a Lifeway technician needs to come out to service the lift.

Note - Lifeway Mobility offers service on all of the lifts we sell and install!

Robust Warranty

You’ll want to ensure that there is good warranty coverage for the major components of the lift, basic parts, and service. Bruno (the stair lift manufacturer that Lifeway most often recommends) offers a lifetime warranty on the major components for indoor stair lifts and a 5-year warranty on the major components of outdoor straight stair lifts. All parts have a 3-year warranty from Lifeway, as well as a 1-year warranty on labor

All Bruno stair lifts offered are ISO9000 approved!

Buying Online & DIY

Be careful when looking at stair lifts that can be purchased from online market places or e-commerce websites. We suggest you ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase decision:

        • Does the online price listed include taxes, shipping, and installation? Very often, the price you see online is not all-inclusive. While the listed price may look attractive, there may be hidden fees, such as shipping costs, and installation of the lift is most likely not included.
        • Who will install the lift? A majority of the stair lifts purchased online have to be installed by the buyer instead of a certified installer. While a DIY install may be help minimize costs, the top stair lift manufacturers do not recommend it. If you purchase from a local dealer such as Lifeway Mobility, your lift will be installed by a trained and certified technician.
        • Who will service the lift? Companies that sell stair lifts online do not usually provide service either, which means you would be stuck figuring out how to fix the lift should it need maintenance in the future.
        • Are replacement parts available? Replacement parts for Bruno stair lifts and most other manufacturer models are only available for purchase if you have bought the lift through a certified dealer.

Purchasing a stair lift from a local certified stair lift dealer is most often the best option for those who want a quick, safe, and worry-free solution – and here’s why: Your lift will be installed and serviced by a factory-trained technician who installs these types lifts on a daily basis. You’ll never have to worry about figuring out what needs to be fixed should the lift stop working. You’ll also receive better warranty coverage on both the product and the labor.

Lifeway Mobility technician professionally installing stairlift in customer's home

Comparing Stair Lifts

When comparing stair lifts, there are several important factors to consider, such as durability/quality of the lift, weight capacity, size/width of the rail, safety features, added safety options and warranty coverage. Below are links to several stairlift models to allow for an in-depth comparison. Please note that some of the products listed may not be offered at all Lifeway Mobility locations.

At Lifeway we most often recommend Bruno and Harmar stairlifts to our customers because of their durability, support, and robust warranty coverage.

Straight Rail Stair Lift Models

Bruno-Elan-straight-stair-lift  Bruno Elite straight stair lift  Harmar SL600 stairlift from Lifeway Mobility

Pictured above (from left to right or top to bottom) are the following straight rail models: Bruno Elan, Bruno Elite Straight Rail, Harmar Pinnacle SL600


Curved Stair Lift Models

Bruno curved rail stairlift installed by Lifeway Mobility  Harmar Helix curved rail stairlift in home, installed by Lifeway Mobility  Harmar UP curved stairlift from Lifeway Mobility

Pictured above (from left to right or top to bottom) are the following curved rail models: Bruno Elite CRE, Harmar Helix, and Harmar UP


How Does the Buying Process Work?

If you’ve read everything above and have decided that a stair lift is the best way for you or a family member to age safely and independently at home, please follow the steps listed below to get started.

  1. Lifeway Mobility stairlift expert arrives for free consultation
    Schedule a Free In-Home Evaluation: All Lifeway Mobility locations offer free consultations. One of our customer care team members will be happy to schedule one of our stair lift experts to meet with you in-person or virtually at a time that is convenient for you and your family. During evaluation, we will first take the time to understand your specific needs and then recommend the best solutions. We will also measure the staircase with a tape measure if it's a straight staircase, and use a photo system to gather specific measurements if your staircase has curves, turns, or intermediate landings (photos then submitted to manufacturer for building of rail).
  2. Receive Free Quote: After the conclusion of the evaluation, the measurements of the staircase will be used to assist our sales consultant in providing a free quote on-site or a day or two later. If you have a very unique staircase, it may take longer to provide a final quote because of the photo measurements that are needed from a manufacturer to estimate the exact specifications of the curves and turns for the rail. The quote provided will include the price of the best recommended stair lift solution and all other potential options discussed during your home evaluation.
  3. Visit a Showroom (Where Available): Visit one of our local showrooms in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Connecticut, Denver, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Northern CO, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or San Francisco, so that you or a family member can test-ride a lift to get comfortable with how it operates and ensure it is the best solution for your mobility needs. All of the Lifeway Mobility showrooms are equipped with fully operational Bruno stair lifts.
  4. Purchase Stairlift: Consider all factors – from online reviews, to safety features, options, and warranties, when deciding on a stair lift. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.
  5. Installation: After the lift is purchased, one of our team members will reach out to schedule the date and time of installation that works best for you. If you purchase a straight stair lift, many times it can be be installed within a day after purchase, depending on the model selected and local inventory. For curved stair lifts, installation will be a few weeks after the lift is purchased because the rail has to be custom built by the manufacturer. On the day of installation, one or two of our factory-trained technicians will come to your home to install the lift on the treads of the stairs (your walls will not be damaged) and then show you how to safely operate it. The time of installation is dependent on the type of stairlift selected -- straight rail models take 2-3 hours to install, whereas a curved rail model will require an additional hour or two. 
Lifeway Mobility Chicago stairlift showroom in Arlington Heights, IL

Stair Lift Warranties

Below is a table containing the stair lift warranties for Bruno stair lifts that Lifeway sells and installs.

Features Indoor Outdoor Used
Major Components (Motor & Gearbox)


5 Years

3 Months
Parts (provided by Lifeway Mobility) 3 Years 3 Years 3 Months
Labor (provided by Lifeway Mobility) 1 Year  1 Year 3 Months

Please note that warranty coverage may vary depending on the stairlift product model.

Service & Maintenance

One of the most common questions that our customers ask is "What happens if the lift needs to be serviced"? If you decide to move forward with Lifeway Mobility, our local teams offer service after install and we will be happy to schedule one of certified technicians to come out to identify and solve any issues with your lift. We provide a 1 year warranty on labor for all new stair lifts and 3/6 months for used stair lifts. We offer offer ongoing service at the conclusion of the labor warranty, so you'll always have someone to call if your lift needs service.

While it is not required to have the lift maintained, manufacturers do recommend annual maintenance for optimal performance. This will help ensure that the lift is in great working condition and ensures its longevity. If you want to clean the lift, we recommend using a dust rag for the rail to prevent it from collecting dust and multi-surface wipes can be used to clean the seat.

See our list of answers to the most most commonly asked questions after a stair lift installation to learn more about maintaining the lift, or watch the video below for some helpful ownership tips from Lifeway Mobility!

Stairlift FAQs

  • Do Health Insurance Plans or Medicare Cover Stair Lifts?

Unfortunately, Medicare and most health insurance companies typically don’t cover stair lifts in the U.S. However, it wouldn’t hurt to contact your insurance provider to see if they may offer coverage for these types of products. Medicare considers stair lifts to be devices used for convenience rather than a medical necessity, which is why they usually won’t cover the cost of the product. 

Medicaid on the other hand will sometimes cover the cost of a stairlift because they do consider stair lifts to be devices needed for medically necessity. 

  • What is the Best Stairlift

There are several factors that that can go into determining the “best stair lift”. Some of the most important ones are warranty coverage, durability of the product, seat comfort, features, and reputability of the manufacturer based on reviews. Taking all those factors into account, Lifeway most often recommends Bruno stair lifts as the best option for both straight and curved stairlifts. In addition, Bruno is a ISO 9001 manufacturer, meaning they commit to high standards of workmanship that are documented and repeatable to ensure the finest quality every time.

Depending on the size/width of the staircase or mobility needs of the user, there are times where other stairlift models may be a better fit. Through a free consultation, Lifeway can help identify the best stairlift for the specific needs and situation of the person in need of safe solution for the stairs.

  • Are there alternatives to stair lifts?

Yes, there are some alternative solutions to stair lifts that can provide a safe and convenient way to navigate a staircase. Some of the most common ones are residential elevators (traditional or through the floor), wheelchair lifts, and potentially a wheelchair ramp if it is an outdoor staircase preventing safe access to the house. Each one of those products are ones you may want to consider, depending on the mobility needs of the person in need of safe solution for the stairs.

  • Will a stairlift work when the power goes out?

Yes, stair lifts are battery powered, so they will operate after the power goes out. However, the number of times that the stairlift will be able to be used during the power outage will depend on several factors, such as the condition of the stair lift, length of stair lift, and if it is consistently left in the charging position when not in use.

Learn more about operating a stairlift during a power outage and tips for preserving the battery life of the unit.

About Lifeway Mobility

Lifeway Mobility is an accessibility solutions company headquartered in Connecticut. We’re a proud Bruno Diamond Stair Lift dealer that serves the following areas across U.S.:

Visit our locations page for the most up to date list of areas that we currently serve.

In addition to stair lifts, Lifeway Mobility offers wheelchair lifts, ramps, home elevators, patient lifts, and other home and bath safety solutions. The accessibility solutions that we offer are manufactured by some of the top manufacturers in the industry such as Bruno, Harmar, EZ-ACCESS, and Savaria.

Our primary goal is to help customers to be able to better identify solutions and services that will help meet their needs and improve their, comfort, independence, and quality of life at home. Please call us today at (847) 215-9490 to schedule a FREE home evaluation or to learn more about stair lifts or any of the other accessibility solutions that we offer.

Advantages of Choosing Lifeway Mobility for Your Stair Lift

        • Free home consultations (We recommend best solutions based on your unique needs)
        • Licensed & Insured
        • Professional installation & service provided by our factory-trained and certified technicians
        • Local showrooms to "try before you buy"
        • Limited Lifetime manufacturer warranty on major components of new indoor Bruno stair lifts*
        • 3-year parts warranty & 1-year labor warranty on new stair lifts provided by Lifeway Mobility

*Applies to original owner of new stair lift purchase

Download Stair Lift Brochures

Please use the links below to download the Lifeway stair lift brochure and Bruno stairlift brochures

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