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Stair Lifts in Chicago, IL - Types, Benefits & Pricing

Lifeway Mobility Chicago has been Chicago's top local stair lift dealer since 1991. We're the only Diamond Bruno Stair Lift Dealer in area and we offer a variety of stair lift options, including straight stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts, and custom or curved stair lifts—some of which can be professionally installed within just one day. Our stair lift services are offered throughout Chicagoland, northwest Indiana, and southeast Wisconsin. A stair lift is a simple, affordable way to remain safe and independent in your own home, and they’re convenient for carrying laundry, meals, and more from floor to floor. Visit our Showroom to test ride our stairlifts ›

Stair Lifts available in Chicagoland, northwest Indiana, and southeast Wisconsin

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Why Choose a Stair Lift from Lifeway Mobility Chicago?

  • Peace of Mind - Stay safe in the home you love in the Chicago area & regain your independence
  • Service provided after installation
  • Local showroom in Arlington Heights, Illinois with operational stair lifts that you can test ride
  • Professional installation within 1 day in some cases
  • No structural changes to your home
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Flip-up arms, seat, and foot rest - Your family can still use the stairs
  • New, used, & rental options and buy-back available
  • Made in the USA
  • Proudly serving greater Chicago and the surrounding suburbs in Illinois since 1991!

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How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?

The cost of a straight stair lift with installation ranges between $2,200-$8,000 (new or used). We also offer monthly payments options on new stair lifts starting at *$59.10/month with no down payment* for qualified buyers. Warranty and in-home consultation are included. Stair lifts are a much simpler home modification than most people expect. A Lifeway Mobility Chicago home access professional can visit your home free of charge and help you determine which product best meets your needs and lifestyle.
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New stair lifts in Chicago area

Stair lifts for seniors: Everything you need to know

While a stair chair lift is a great choice for any home where added convenience and safety is desired, they are essential in helping the elderly remain independent in their own homes. Check out our most frequently asked questions about stair lifts for the elderly:

  • Will Medicare or my health insurance pay for the stair lift?
    While each situation is different, stair lifts and other home modifications are not typically a covered expense. However, there are many alternatives such as national funding sources or local state/ Chicagoland funding sources.
  • Should we buy new, buy used, or rent a stair lift? Ultimately, this decision comes down to a few factors, including your budget, physical condition, desired options, staircase design, and whether the chair lift is for long-term or short-term use. See our blog post on this topic for more in-depth information.
  • Will we need multiple stair chair lifts installed?
    It depends. If the home has only a single staircase, only one stair lift is needed. In homes with multiple landings, it may be less expensive to install 2 or more straight stair lifts than a custom curved one. You may also want to consider installing additional stair lifts for an elderly loved one with multi-level outdoor spaces.
  • Are stair lifts for seniors difficult to operate?
    No. Although there are many models on the market, each with optional features, stair lifts are universally designed for smooth, safe, and simple operation by people of all ages. And when your stair lift is installed by a Lifeway expert, we take the time to train all members of your household on its use and maintenance. Want to test one out before you buy? Just make an appointment at the Lifeway showroom nearest you!
  • Will A Stairlift Fit on my Staircase?
    Yes, Stair Lifts Fit Most Staircases
    A staircase needs to be a minimum of 32″ wide to fit a stair lift. The track is mounted on the stair treads, not on the wall, and will extend out from the wall between 6 to 9 inches.
    The chair lift’s seat, arms, and footrest will fold up when the lift is not in use. Folded up, stairlifts will extend from 11 to 16 inches from the wall.
    The track on a straight or curved model does extend beyond the bottom of the staircase which, in some cases, can be a problem. A manual or electric folding rail will allow the track to fold up and out of the way when the lift is not in use.

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