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Portable Stair Climbers

Portable stair climbers provide a safe and affordable way transport a wheelchair user up and down the stairs. They are very easy to transport and can be used on all types of indoor and outdoor staircases both at home and in public spaces.

  • Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs

    Designed in the United States, the Evac+Chair battery powered evacuation chairs provide a safe way to transfer those with limited mobility up or down the stairs. Lifeway offers free on-site demos and the Evac+Chair models we offer are available for purchase and rental in the Chicagoland area.

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    >Evac+Chair Evacuation Chairs
  • Scalamobil Portable Stair Climber

    Climb stairs in your own wheelchair! A perfect solution for children and adults, Scalamobil is a battery-operated portable stair climber that attaches to most manual wheelchair models. This innovative device can ascend or descend on stairs of all shapes, sizes, and surfaces.

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