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Through the Floor Home Elevators in Chicago Area

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add an elevator to your home is with a through-the-floor home elevator. This shaft-less elevator is a two-stop elevator that requires less construction than a traditional home elevator because a space consuming hoistway is not required for the elevator to be installed. The elevator has a new, modern design built for safety, flexibility, reliability and space savings in your home.

The elevator’s state-of-the-art, self-contained hydraulic system is quiet while in use and does not require a load bearing wall. The elevator’s light architectural gray exterior and silver interior will blend into your home, and the free-standing elevator system design keeps mechanical components out of sight and safe. This type of elevator is accessible to those with reduced mobility and it will also make moving heavy items up and down much easier.

If you are considering the addition of an elevator to your home and wish to conserve space, then a through-the-floor elevator is perfect for you. It will add usability to your home at a very affordable cost, and it is much less expensive than moving to a single-level home! A through-floor home elevator is also sometimes considered as an alternative to a stair lift.

  • Savaria Telecab Home Elevator

    If you thought a home elevator was outside of your budget, think again. The Savaria Telecab is the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to add an elevator to your home.

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    >Savaria Telecab Home Elevator
  • Wessex Home Elevator

    Sleek, stylish Wessex residential elevators are perfect for the two-story home where space is a concern. Install virtually anywhere, while leaving your staircase free of obstruction.

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    >Wessex Home Elevator

Through the Floor Home Elevators in Chicago Area Gallery

cab-interior-of-Savaria-Telecab-installed-in-Hawthorn-Woods-Illinois.JPG Savaria-Telecab-elevator-in-newly-installed-home-in-Hawthorn-Woods-IL.JPG Savaria-telecab-track-at-upper-level-when-lift-is-at-lower-level.JPG Savaria-Telecab-in-Barrington-IL.jpg Savaria-Telecab-transporting-to-upper-landing.jpg Savaria-Telecab-halfway-to-lower-landing.jpg Savaria-Telecab-installed-in-Barrington-IL.jpg

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