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Home Elevators in Chicago Area

Once considered a high-end luxury item, home elevators are finding their way into everyday homes. With smaller footprints, decreased machine room space and more flexible design options, home elevators are quickly becoming a staple item in modern homes. Learn more about the home elevator models we carry, as well as available design options and lifting systems.

Home & Residential Elevators Are:

  • Affordable: Home elevators are surprisingly affordable, and will increase the market value of your home. From basic designs to high-end luxury models, we have an elevator that fits your budget. Contact us for a free evaluation!
  • Custom: We work with the top manufacturers to provide the perfect elevator for you. With a wide range of styles, wood and finish options, we can create a custom home elevator to match any home’s decor.
  • The Best Way to Stay In Your Home: No more worries about bad backs, knees or heavy lifting up flights of stairs. We have added elevators to many existing home plans and we are ready to help you age in place gracefully!
  • Savaria Eclipse Chain Counterweight Home Elevator

    For those who want to move safely and smoothly between multiple floors, the Savaria Eclipse residential elevator is a convenient way to take back and enjoy your independence.

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    >Savaria Eclipse Chain Counterweight Home Elevator
  • Savaria Infinity Hydraulic Home Elevator

    Remaining safe in your own home with limited mobility doesn’t mean you have to miss out on luxury. With the Savaria Infinity residential elevator, you’ll love having freedom of movement throughout your home – but you’ll also thoroughly enjoy the Savaria Infinity’s smooth, quiet rides and elegant interior.

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    >Savaria Infinity Hydraulic Home Elevator
  • Waupaca Home Elevator Series

    Waupaca Elevator offers models to fit every budget with a broad range of cab styles, woods, finishes and accessories that will blend perfectly into any home décor. A Waupaca elevator delivers a smooth, quiet ride that improves your home accessibility and enhances your quality of life.

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    >Waupaca Home Elevator Series
  • Savaria Vuelift Home Elevator

    Make an investment in your continued mobility that will change your perception on home elevators and give you a new perspective on your home. The Savaria Vuelift is a high-quality glass elevator crafted with exceedingly strong acrylic panels, so you can enjoy a smooth ride with unobstructed views of the place you love best.

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    >Savaria Vuelift Home Elevator
  • Savaria Telecab Home Elevator

    If you thought a home elevator was outside of your budget, think again. The Savaria Telecab is the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to add an elevator to your home.

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    >Savaria Telecab Home Elevator
  • Wessex Home Elevator

    Sleek, stylish Wessex residential elevators are perfect for the two-story home where space is a concern. Install virtually anywhere, while leaving your staircase free of obstruction.

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    >Wessex Home Elevator
  • Custom Elevator Inc. Home Elevators

    Custom Elevator Inc. models are made for specialty, custom designs. There are multiple cab and design options available as well.

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    >Custom Elevator Inc. Home Elevators

Home Elevators in Chicago Area Gallery

Savaria-Eclipse-Home-Elevator-cab-interior-Carpentersville-IL.jpg Home-Elevator-Installation-Carpentersville.jpg Home-Elevator-in-Lake-Forest-with-Savria-auto-slim-sliding-doors home-elevator-with-sliding-doors-illinois.jpg home-elevator-with-sliding-doors-lifeway-chicago.jpg Home-elevator-northwest-indiana.jpg Home-Elevator-Park-Ridge-Illinois.jpg home-elevator-installed-in-Chicago-Illinois.jpg Glass-Home-Elevator-Chicago-Illinois.jpg Home-Elevator-Chicago-IL-Glass-Cab.jpg Savaria-Auto-Sliding-Doors-Winnetka-Illinois.jpg Savaria-residential-elevator-white-interior-cab-.jpg residential-elevator-chicagoland-lifeway-mobility.jpg home-elevator-installed-in-lake-forest.jpg in-wall-home-elevator.jpg Teneja-Elevator-Illinois.jpg Home-Elevator-installation-Lake-Forest-IL-by-Lifeway-Mobility-Chicago.jpg cab-interior-of-Savaria-Telecab-installed-in-Hawthorn-Woods-Illinois.JPG Savaria-Telecab-elevator-in-newly-installed-home-in-Hawthorn-Woods-IL.JPG Savaria-telecab-track-at-upper-level-when-lift-is-at-lower-level.JPG Savaria-Telecab-in-Barrington-IL.jpg Savaria-Telecab-transporting-to-upper-landing.jpg Savaria-Telecab-halfway-to-lower-landing.jpg Savaria-Telecab-installed-in-Barrington-IL.jpg cab-interior-of-Waupaca-elevator-installed-in-WI-by-Lifeway-CHI.jpg Waupaca-home-elevator-installed-in-Fontana-WI-by-EHLS.jpg home-elevator-installed-in-Woodridge-by-Lifeway-Mobility-Chicago.jpg home-elevator-Woodridge-Illinois.jpg navy-blue-paneled-elvator-swing-door-in-home-on-Chicago-northside.jpg interior-of-home-elevator-cab-on-Chicago-home.jpg Cab-Interior-Naperville-Home-Elevator.jpg Naperville-Home-Elevator-1.jpg home-elevator-in-Chicago-with-half-wall-mirror-cab-interior.jpg Home-elevator-in-EHLS-showroom.jpg residential-elevator-with-beautifully-painted-cab-walls-in-northwest-Indiana.jpg Home-Elevator-Poplar-Grove-IL.jpg

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