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Curved Stair Lifts

Handicare 2000 Curved Stair Lift

The Handicare 2000 curved lift is custom designed to be comfortable, easy to use, provide a snug fit against the wall, and it has an aesthetic appeal. Manufactured from durable, weather-resistant materials, the 2000 can be installed indoors or out. No other curved track available in the industry can be fitted closer to the wall, which is beneficial because of the extra space it leaves on your staircases.



  • Designed and manufactured to fit your specific staircase, which insures a perfect fit and maximizes space on the stairs
  • Twin-rail system is mounted to the treads of the stairs and does not require a wall for support.
  • Track leaves minimal footprint when removed

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  • Handicare’s versatile 2000 rail system will fit almost any staircase, no matter how complex—ensuring you can remain mobile in the home you love.
  • Manual swivel seat for safer transfer onto and off the chair at top landing
  • Foldable components (seat, armrests, & footrest) maximize space for family and friends to go up and down the stairs
  • Ergonomic and intuitive to use, the joystick on the armrest smoothly operates the 2000 stairlift
  • Multiple seat and upholstery choices to seamlessly blend the chair with the design and color scheme of your home
  • Equipped with two remote controls as standard, so you can have one upstairs and one downstairs.
  • Battery backup in the event of a power outage
  • Multiple safety sensors stop the stairlift immediately should it meet an obstacle during travel
  • man activating seat belt on Handicare 2000 curved stairlift
  • Easy-to-use retractable seat belt provides added security when safely seated on chair
  • Robust manufacturer's warranty on major components
  • Labor warranty provided by Lifeway Mobility

Tech Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 255-302 lb. 
  • Speed: .5'/s
  • Seat Depth: 14.25"
  • Folded with footrest: 15.75"
  • Armrest width (internal): 17.75"


  • Power Swivel Seat
  • Powered Hinge (Folding Rail)
  • Outdoor Package
  • Commercial Package
  • Heavy-Duty Kit (302 lb. weight capacity)
  • Powered Footrest
  • Four Seat Types -- Standard, Smart, Style, and Perch (see below)
  • Body Harness
  • Rail Color Upgrade
Handicare 2000 curved stair lift power swivel seat optionPowered Swivel Seat
Handicare 2000 curved stair lift powered hinge optionPowered Hinge
Handicare 2000 curved stair lift outdoor packageOutdoor Package
Handicare 2000 curved stairlift powered folding footrestPowered Footrest


*Not all options listed above are available for all seat types


Seat Types

  • Smart Seat

    Handicare's smart seat offers an endless range of options and upgrades compared to the other seat options. 

    Colors Available: Ruby, Cacao (pictured), Sand, Sapphire, Slate or Jade

    Options Available to added: powered swivel-seat, powered footrest, heavy-duty kit, outdoor kit, body harness

    Download Smart Seat Dimensions

     Handicare 2000 curved stair lift smart seat
  • Style Seat

    The Smart seat offers a polished, modern look, and was also built for comfort. 

    Colors Available: Cherry Red (pictured), Ivory White, or Vanilla Beige

    Options Available to added: powered swivel-seat, powered footrest, heavy-duty kit

    Download Style Seat Dimensions

    Download Style-Perch Seat Dimensions

    Handicare 2000 Style seat
  • Simplicity Seat

    The Simplicity seat offers a more classic look in a standard leatherette sand-colored finish. It is the entry level seat for budget conscious customers that offers a safe and comfortable ride.

    Colors Available: Sand

    Options Available to added: powered footrest, heavy-duty kit

    Download Simplicity Seat Dimensions

    Handicare 2000 Simplicity seat



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