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Do Stair Lifts Work When the Power goes out?

Posted on by Eric Rubel

It's officially the summer season, which means warmer weather and more time outside enjoying fun activities in the sun. However, it also means there will be a higher chance for severe thunderstorms with high winds that can cause power outages.

We all know that power outages can be inconvenient as they can put things on hold until power is restored. However, that's not the case for your stair lift, regardless if it is a straight or curved stair lift.

In this post, we will explain why stair lifts will still work during a power outage and provide tips to help keep it running for as long as possible until power is restored.

Stair Lifts Run on Battery Power

stairlift installed by Lifeway Mobility

In the event of a power outage from a summer thunderstorm, wind, or any other weather element, your stair lift will still work because it is battery powered. The stair lifts that we offer have charging stations at both the top and bottom of your staircase, which means they are always being charged (by a regular 120v household outlet) when not in use.

Some models of the straight rail lifts that we offer even have a continuous charging system, which means it will charge regardless of its position on the rail. This advanced system eliminates the chance of unknowingly draining the battery.

To ensure the batteries of your chair lift are fully charged, it is a good idea to routinely check that it is plugged into the closest wall outlet. That will help maximize the number of trips you have up and down the stairs when it is only operating on its battery if/when the power does happen to go out.

stairlift remote control is battery powered and can be used in power outages

There are also two battery powered remote controls that come with the stair lifts that Lifeway offers. You will be able to use these during the outage as well if the chair is on a different floor and you need to call it. The remotes come in handy if there is more than one person using the chair to safely navigate between the floor levels at home.

Tips for Maximizing Use of Your Stair Lift During a Power Outage

man on stair lift at bottom of stairs and wife standing next to him

Below are a few tips that can be helpful in maximizing the number of trips up and/or down the stairs on your chair lift if you lose power. You won't know how long the power will be out, so it's important to be proactive in ensuring that your battery is fully charged and using its charge efficiently until power is restored.

  • Turn the unit off the when not in use to save battery life until power is restored
  • Never unplug the unit from the wall outlet to ensure battery is fully charged
  • Always leave it at the top or bottom of the staircase when not in use so that the battery is always charging when not in use

Note: On average, a stair lift should provide 10-12 round trips during a power outage, depending on the age/condition of your chair, length of the staircase, and weight of the user.

To learn more about stair lifts, check out our the Lifeway Mobility Ultimate Stair Lift Guide.

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