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Bruno Stair Lift Warranty

Warranty coverage is an important part of any purchase, including a stair lift purchase. Learn about the length warranty coverage on Bruno's stairlifts offered by Lifeway Mobility.

Bruno stairlift warranty being discussed with customer

When choosing a stair lift, it's important you obtain the details (length of coverage, parts included, etc.) of a company's warranty coverage on both the product and labor. You'll also want to ask if the warranty is included in the purchase price, or if it is an additional annual fee.

After confirming warranty coverage, you'll also want to ensure your stairlift is will installed by a professionally trained technician to ensure it meets safety standards, and is safe for you or loved one to use.

Lifeway Mobility technician professionally installing Bruno stairlift

Bruno Stairlift Warranty

All Bruno stair lifts feature warranty coverage that is included with the purchase, but the length of coverage differs based on the type of stairlift. The warranty is broken down into two sections -  the "major components" (motor, gearbox, drivetrain, & rail) and "all other parts". Bruno stairlift warranty coverage will apply for as long as the original purchaser owns the lift.

Bruno Indoor Stair Lift Warranties:

Bruno's indoor stairlift warranties apply to both new straight rail and curved rail Bruno stairlifts. 

  • Major Components: Limited-Lifetime Warranty
  • All Other Parts: 3 Years (from Lifeway Mobility)
indoor straight Bruno stairlift from Lifeway Mobility curved Bruno stairlift warranty from Lifeway Mobility

Bruno Outdoor Stair Lift Warranties:

Bruno's indoor stairlift warranties apply all new outdoor Bruno stair lifts

  • Major Components: 5 Years
  • All Other Parts: 3 Years (from Lifeway Mobility)
Bruno outdoor stairlift warranty outdoor stairlift warranty coverage from Lifeway Mobility

Lifeway Mobility Warranty Coverage on Stairlift Labor & Service Coverage

The purchase of a new Bruno stairlift comes with 30-days of labor coverage after the date of installation for any manufacturing defect. However, at Lifeway Mobility, we extend that to a 1-year labor warranty to the original purchaser of a new stair lift. If you decide to purchase a used stairlift from Lifeway, there is still a labor warranty coverage, but it is not as extensive as it would be on a new stairlift.

If needed, Lifeway Mobility also offers service after the 1-year labor warranty expires.

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