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Best Stair Lift Options

Posted on by Eric Rubel

Depending on the mobility of the individual that will be using the stair lift, there may be one or more options that may need to be added to enhance both safety and comfort. Those options listed below are the ones that are most commonly recommended to meet you specific needs.

Please keep in mind that the options listed are available for Bruno stair lifts, which are the types of lifts that Lifeway most often installs throughout homes in the Chicagoland area. Lifeway is proud to be the one and only Chicago-area Bruno stair lift Diamond Dealer.

Yes, these options may increase the total price of a stairlift, but they are definitely worth adding it if it means that you or your family member will have the independence that's desired.

1. Folding Rail (Bottom of Stairs Only)

There are two folding rail options that can be added to a stair lift at the bottom of the stairs:

  1. Manual folding rail
  2. Power folding rail

Both types of folding rails are only available for straight rail Bruno stair lifts. Folding rails are usually added for a few different reasons. If there are other family members living at home, the rail may present a tripping hazard at the bottom of the stairs if it is located in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic. The rail may be blocking a door opening or cross hallway, which would make it extremely difficult for someone using a wheelchair or walker to navigate through that area.

The manual version is suggested for those who have caregivers or other family members that can fold up the rail when the chair is at the top landing of the staircase. However, if the person who is using the lift is living independently, or if others living in the home find it difficult to manually fold up the rail, then we suggest adding a power folding rail.

Below is a video that will give you a better understanding of how the Bruno manual and power folding rails work.

2. Power-Swivel Seat

All Bruno stairlifts enable the user to manually swivel at the top landing away from the stairs. However, there are some who may find it difficult to manually swivel the chair due to mobility issues or weakened muscles. In that case, a power swivel seat is a perfect solution. A power-swivel seat will allow the person who's using the lift to swivel the seat with the push of a button. The button that controls the power swivel is located on one of the armrests of the chair. The seat can also swivel by using the remote control call sends that come with the unit.

Woman using power swivel seat on a Bruno stair lift        Bruno Elite Power Swivel Seat

Learn more about how stair lifts work ›

3. Larger Seat

Larger Seat Option for StairliftIf the standard seat size is too small for the person who is going to be using it, then a larger seat can be added to accommodate the rider. It will allow the user to be much more comfortable when riding the lift. Please note that this option is only available for the Bruno Elite.


4. Larger Footrest

Larger Footrest for Stair Lift - OptionIf the person that is going to be using the stair lift has a larger shoe size or has trouble bending their knees, then a larger footrest is often recommended. Bruno's larger footrest option provides an additional size in both length and width to accommodate the user to rest their feet when riding up and down the stairs on the chair lift.


5. Power Folding Footrest

On all of the stair lifts we sell is a footrest that can be folded up or down manually. If the person who is using the lift has trouble bending or balance issues, then a power folding footrest is going to be an option to consider. If a power folding footrest is added, the footrest will automatically fold up and down by a switch conveniently located on the armrest of the chair.

Power Folding Footrest Option on a Bruno Elan Stairlift     Image of a Bruno Elite Folded-Up

6. Choice of Upholstery Color

Color-Choices-for-Bruno-EliteBruno offers six different upholstery color options for you to choose from if you purchase the Elite stairlift. The standard beige color for the Bruno Elite chair is most popular, as it matches and blends with most home decors. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the available color options.

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