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Stair Lifts vs. Home Elevators - Which is Best for Me?

grandparents welcoming children to their homeIf the stairs start to become too difficult to manage at home, there are usually two options that people can consider to solve the problem. The first option is to remain at home (with modifications), and the other is to move to a senior living or assisted living facility. Both are feasible options, but many prefer to remain in their home because it prevents the stress of having to move again, and makes it possible to remain in the place that has so many positive emotional ties. A home is a place of comfort as it is where most people build lasting memories with family and friends, whether it be from holidays parties, or social gatherings with friends.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Best Accessible Travel Destinations for those with Disabilities

person circling accessible travel destinations on a map

There are an estimated 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States. As a result of increased awareness and new legislation, more and more travel destinations are seizing the opportunity to change their thinking about accessibility tourism. Instead of treating it as something that must be managed separately, more destinations now consider accessibility as mainstream. Along with mints on pillows and individually wrapped soaps, travelers will often also find wheelchair ramps and LU/LA elevators in many hotels.

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by Kylee Rivers  | 

Choosing Between a Manual & Power Folding Rail for a Stairlift

The installation of a stair lift provides a safe and easy way for people with limited mobility to navigate between the floor levels of their home. The process of purchasing a stair lift is often a smooth one as stair lifts safely fit on most staircases. However, there are times when the extended rail of the lift at the bottom of the stairs presents an issue or two that needs to be addressed before installation.

Bruno folding rail upgrade option for stair liftsOne of the most common is that the bottom of the staircase ends in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. Straight stair lift rails must stick out at least 16 inches past the bottom step, which can lead to the rail becoming a tripping hazard. Another potential issue is when there is a door at the bottom of the stairs. This is common when the lift is installed on a staircase that leads down to a basement.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Frequently Asked Questions After a Stair Lift Installation

Image of an EHLS Tech installing a stair lift in Barrington, IL

If you just had your stair lift installed, but still have a couple of questions in regards to service or maintenance on the lift, you've come to the right place. This post lists a number of commonly asked questions that we receive from stair lift customers after installation.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

8 Benefits of Adding a Stairlift to Your Home

For some seniors, the stairs can become too difficult to navigate due to limited mobility, weakened muscles, and lack of stability. As a result, the stairs at home become a daily hassle and are eventually avoided. When the stairs become a challenge, many seniors may consider downsizing to a single-level home or moving into a retirement living facility. However, both of these options can become very costly. Fortunately, the installation of a stair lift provides a quick, and cost-effective solution, while providing many other benefits.

Safety – Prevents Injuries

Manual-folding-rail-for-stairlift-removes-tripping-hazardThe most obvious benefit is that it provides a safer way to use the stairs at home. Using a motorized chair to get from floor to floor reduces the risk of an injury at home as the stairs are one of the most common areas that present a high risk for a fall. Missing one step while walking up or down a staircase can result in a broken hip, leg, or a variety of other serious injuries.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Lifeway Mobility is Chicago's Only Bruno Stair Lift Diamond Dealer

EHLS/Lifeway Mobility is the only Bruno Stairlift Diamond Dealer in the Chicagoland areaEHLS / Lifeway Mobility Chicagoland, is both honored and humbled to be recognized as a Bruno Diamond Dealer for the third year in a row. The Bruno Diamond Dealer Award is an award that is given to Bruno dealers that finish in the top 3% of Bruno’s sales throughout North America.

Bruno’s Diamond Dealer award originated back in 2017. Prior to then, Lifeway and other top Bruno dealers throughout North America had been referred to as “Bruno preferred dealers.” The new “Diamond” Dealer award is recognized as a more prestigious award.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday lighting, decorations, trees and more help to put everyone in the holiday mood. All of these things help set a cheerful holiday atmosphere, but they also pose hidden dangers. These tips can help you keep your family and home safe.

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Posted 12/19/2018

How to Choose the Best Stairlift for Your Home

If the stairs at home are becoming difficult to manage due to limited mobility or significant injury, a stair lift may be the perfect solution. However, because there are so many different available models and options to choose from, the research process can be pretty overwhelming. Many people don't know where to start and are often unaware of the factors that are most important when choosing a lift. In this post, we have compiled 5 tips that will simplify the process and make it easier to choose whether or not a stair lift is the best solution for yourself or a family member.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Stair Lift Options

Depending on the mobility of the individual that will be using the stair lift, there may be one or more options that may need to be added to enhance both safety and comfort. Those options listed below are the ones that are most commonly recommended to meet customers' specific needs.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Lifeway Mobility Installs a Variety of Stairlifts

Is your staircase an obstacle in your home? A stair lift can provide accessibility between the floors in your family home and offer you complete independence despite reduced mobility due to age, disease or injury. Lifeway Mobility offers product sourcing as well as the installation of stairlifts including straight stair lifts, custom curved stair lifts, heavy duty stair lifts, or outdoor stair lifts. We offer different models and can customize the one that meets your individual needs.

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Posted 7/25/2018

7 Stair Lift Myths Debunked

Lifeway Mobility Chicago has been serving customers all over the greater Chicago, Illinois area, including Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin for over 25 years. So we have heard many stair lift beliefs that in reality are not actually true. In this post, we debunk the 7 common myths that people have about stair lifts so that you know the real facts.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Bruno Folding Rail for Straight Stair Lifts

Lifeway Mobility Offers Bruno's Folding Rail Options for Enhanced Safety

EHLS /Lifeway Mobility Chicago, Bruno's top Chicago area stair lift dealer, is proud to announce that Bruno's NEW folding rail can be added as an option for all of Bruno's straight rail stair lifts that we sell and install. The folding rail option can be a manual folding rail or a power folding rail that automatically folds upward once the rider and chair are safely clear.

Manual and Power Folding Rail Features:

  • Electrical components are now inside of the rail, providing a clean look
  • Low-profile, unobtrusive design
  • Manual folding rail locks into position by itself for easy use
  • A handle that makes it easy to move the folding rail up or down

Do I need to add a folding rail?

There may be a number of reasons why a manual or power folding rail may need to be an option. However, the three most common reasons why our experts would recommend folding rail to your Bruno stair lift are:

  1. There are family members or a caregiver living in your home, and the extended rail is going to be a tripping hazard
  2. The rail is an obstruction to a doorway
  3. The doorway or hallway at the bottom of the stairs is narrow

Image of Bruno's New Folding Rail Halfway Folded Up Image of Bruno's New Folding Rail fully folded up Image of Bruno's New Power Folding Rail for Straight Stairlifts

Should I add a manual or power folding rail?

The type of folding rail that you will need to add to your stair lift depends on your ability to bend down and fold/unfold the rail. If you have a difficult time bending down to pick something up from the floor, then a power folding rail would be recommended. However, if you are capable of folding the rail up yourself, or if you have another person living with you that can fold it, then a manual folding rail is likely the better option.

How does a manual folding rail work?

With your foot or walking cane, push the locking lever that aligns the rail. After release, the lightweight rail folds up easily with the assistance of a gas spring.

Image of a man's foot on the folding rail's foot lock Image of the Folding Rail's easy to use handle

If you would like more information on the new folding rail or would like a free stairlift assessment, please call us at (847) 215-9490. One of our friendly team members will be glad to help you!

by Eric Rubel  | 

Stair Lift vs Home Elevator: Which is Right for You?

If you live in a multistory house and have difficulty climbing your stairs, it may be time to consider adding a stair lift or residential elevator to your home. While both options accomplish the same goal, there are several factors which determine which of these options might be right for you. Let’s take a closer look.

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Posted 10/2/2017

Why You Should Choose a Licensed Installer for Your Stairlift

If you’ve been shopping for a home stair lift, you may have received estimates that vary significantly in price. If so, you’re probably asking yourself why one provider is willing to install a new straight rail stair lift for $1,999 and one is quoting a cost of $2,200 to $ 5,000 for a similar product.

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Posted 8/15/2017

Customized Heavy Duty Stair Lift

Harmar stair liftKnee and joint issues were causing pain as our client climbed and descended the stairs. It was becoming so bothersome that he started looking at his options. Either stay in the home he loves and add safety equipment to make maneuvering around his home easier, or move to a retirement facility.

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by Kent McCool  | 

3 Ways to Reduce Invisible Risks Around Your Home

We often do a great deal of work to protect our families from dangers both inside and outside of our homes. However, we sometimes overlook one of the best ways to look out for our family – by examining the invisible risks around our home.

But how can you reduce your risk for dangers you can’t see? A great place to start is by addressing common household issues such as contaminants, media access, and emergency preparedness.

In this third article of our three-part series, we explore ways to protect your family with tips for reducing invisible risks around your home.

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Posted 4/12/2017

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