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Glass Home Elevators

Savaria Vuelift Home Elevator

Make an investment in your continued mobility that will change your perception on home elevators and give you a new perspective on your home. The Savaria Vuelift is a high-quality glass elevator crafted with exceedingly strong acrylic panels, so you can enjoy a smooth ride with unobstructed views of the place you love best.

A unique combination of elegant design, energy efficiency, and built-in safety features make the Savaria Vuelift a home elevator that offers much more than convenience. Add it to your existing home during renovations, or make it the centerpiece of a new home construction (many architects place the cylindrical elevator within a spiral staircase).

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  • Free-standing design – no wall is required for installation, and no hoistway construction is needed
  • Modular hoistway design makes it easy to install a Vuelift in new or existing homes, and eliminates construction costs
  • Winding drum drive system is reliable and energy-efficient
  • Cab and hoistway are fully enclosed in clear acrylic to offer unique views of the interior of your home
  • Black semigloss textured powder-coat finish
  • Automatic on/off interior LED lighting
  • Numerous safety features:
    • Emergency stop switch
    • Safety brakes
    • Battery operated emergency lowering & lighting
    • Manual emergency lowering


  • Configure up to 6 total stops (with a maximum travel of 42.5′)
  • Panoramic car ceiling
  • Configuration Options: Type 2, 3, or 4
  • Frame Color: Silver, white, or custom-colored powder-coat frame
  • Optional cab wall and hoistway: Low-iron silica glass (Octagonal model only)

Round Model

Octagonal Model



Use this chart to compare and contrast the features of the Round and Octagonal models.

Specifications: Round Octagonal
Capacity (with standard acrylic glass) 840 lb 840 lb
Capacity (with low-iron silica glass) N/A 950 lb
Cab floor area 13.4 sq ft 11.91 sq ft
Interior cab height 84″ (2.13 m) 84″ (2.13 m)
Hoistway size 54″ diameter 54″ diameter (W48″ x L48″)
Minimum overhead clearance 106″ 106″
Maximum travel distance 42′ 42′
Nominal speed (with standard acrylic glass) 32 ft/min 32 ft/min
Nominal speed (with low-iron silica glass) N/A 40 ft/min
Drive/Motor Winding drum, 1.5 hp Winding drum, 1.5 hp
Minimum pit 4″-12″ (102-305 mm) 4″-12″ (102-305 mm)


Photo Credit: Savaria


Savaria-Vuelift-glass-elevator-in-North-Barrington-home-installed-by-Lifeway-Mobility.JPG Savaria-Vuelift-glass-elevator-installed-by-Lifeway-Mobility-in-North-Barrington-IL.JPG Savaria-Vuelift-Octagonal-glass-elevator-installed-in-North-Barrington-IL.JPG

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