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Rental Wheelchair Ramps

Rental Wheelchair Ramps in Phoenix, AZ

Lifeway Mobility offers rental wheelchair ramps for both residential and commercial settings. The ramps we offer that can be rented are typically pre-owned aluminum modular (rust-free) units that we store in our local warehouses. These types of ramps are relatively maintenance free and can be installed year-round.

Wheelchair Ramp Rental Common Scenarios

Renting a wheelchair ramp is the perfect short-term or temporary solution for accessing a raised porch, deck, or entry way. Below are some common scenarios where a rental is more ideal than purchasing a new or used ramp:

  • Your or your family member is recovering from surgery or a lower body injury that requires the short-term use of a wheelchair, knee walker, scooter or other type of durable medical equipment solution
  • A wheelchair bound relative is coming to live with you temporarily
  • Wheelchair access is needed for a special event, such as a concert, festival, graduation ceremony, or wedding
  • You are a renting a home or living in transitional housing
  • Contractors and Architects can utilize a rental ramp while an existing handicapped ramp is blocked due to construction or renovations.

rental wheelchair ramp for concert in Connecticut  rental wheelchair ramp installed in MA by Lifeway Mobility


Wheelchair Ramp Rental Program Details & Costs:

  • 1 or 3-month minimum rental period (varies by location)
  • Installation and removal are included (by Lifeway trained and certified technicians)
  • The cost of the rental depends on length and configuration of the ramp and other options (if applicable)
  • Rental fees (after 1st month) are billed monthly on your credit card

Interested in learning more about the pricing of our renting a wheelchair ramp? Contact us for a free quote.

Types of Wheelchair Ramps

As a supplier, Lifeway can choose any ramp product on the market to offer to customers. After extensive research and experience, we concluded that aluminum ramps are the best available because they are durable and maintenance and rust free. Aluminum modular ramps from EZ-Access are the ramps that we typically offer for rental.

man in scooter riding up EZ-ACESS aluminum modular wheelchair ramp

Lifeway Mobility accessibility expert taking measurement of front stoop for install of rental wheelchair rampTo determine the necessary length and configuration for safe use of the ramp, one of our accessibility experts will need measurements of the area where safe access is needed. This can be done on-site or remotely with your assistance. Remote consultations will require you or a family member to take some measurements with a tape measure and send some photos by e-mail or text message.

The surface options available for aluminum ramps are solid and expanded metal. Inventory levels for these two options will vary by location. Below are photos that show the two surface options that we offer.

piece of aluminum ramp that has a solid metal surface  piece of aluminum ramp that has an expanded metal surface

Wheelchair Ramp Rental Options

Purchase/Discount Options

  • Rent-to-Own Option: Lifeway Mobility offers the ability to rent with an option to buy. This is a perfect option if you are unsure how long the ramp will be needed. For example, if temporary arrangements turn into a permanent living arrangement then this a great option. You can choose to purchase the rental after any amount of time.
  • Discount Offer: Save money on your monthly rental cost by paying the first few months up front to get a discount on the rental fee for the remaining months!

Product Upgrade Options

Please contact us to learn more about some of the available options that can enhance safety of a wheelchair ramp.

Wheelchair Ramp FAQs

How Long will it Take for the Ramp to be Installed?

Typically, we can have your rental ramp installed within a day after you approve the quote. However, there are many factors that can extend that time by a few days, such as weather, permits, and capacity.

On the day of the installation, it will take our trained technicians a couple hours, but it may take longer than that if it is more complex ramp design.

Lifeway Mobility technician installing wheelchair ramp for home in Connecticut

How Long Can I Rent a Wheelchair Ramp?

We do not have a limit on the length of time that a ramp can be rented. However, if you know ahead of time that you will need it for more than six months, it may make sense to buy a new or use one, rather than rent. Our safety consultants can help you do a cost analysis to better determine which makes the most sense for your mobility needs and budget.  

What if I Decide I Need the Ramp Long-Term after Renting it for a Couple Months?

Lifeway's rent-to-own option, is perfect for this type of situation. It gives you the ability to purchase the ramp outright, and have 70% of the fees you have paid up to that point applied to the value of the ramp.

If you have any questions about renting a ramp or would like to schedule a free consultation, please fill out the form below!

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