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Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts, or VPLs, are very useful for helping a wheelchair user travel between levels. Lifeway has over 20 years of experience in the installation and service of commercial platform lifts. We have installed thousands of lifts in schools, churches, restaurants, offices and other public buildings. VPLs are similar to elevators but use constant pressure switches.

Commercial VPL Features:

  • Lift Tower – with either a hydraulic or ball screw drive mechanism
  • Platform with solid sides that is attached to the tower. When in use, the platform moves vertically up and down along the tower.
  • Key Operated Controls at the upper and lower landings as well as on the platform

Commercial VPL Safety Features:

  • Solid metal walls on either side of platform keep legs and arms out of harm’s way when lift if moving
  • Upper landing gate at the top landing is secured with an auto inter-lock. The gate will not open when lift is not in place, ensuring no one will fall to the surface below
  • Safety underpan lifts automatically and stops from descending if anything is detected under the lift
  • Emergency stop switch on the platform; push to stop, pull to reset.

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  • Bruno 3-Gate Vertical Platform Lift

    The Bruno commercial vertical platform lift 3-gate (toe guard) lower enclosure system provides a full barrier at the lower landing with no access under the lift for maximum safety. Like all Bruno vertical platform lifts (VPLs), the 3-gate is driven by a reliable, quiet ACME screw-driven DC motor with full-time battery operation for access even during power outages. This is an ideal accessibility solution for wheelchair and scooter users.

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    >Bruno 3-Gate Vertical Platform Lift
  • Bruno Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

    Bruno commercial wheelchair lifts may be the perfect accessible solution for your church, school or business. Sometimes all you need to conquer is a couple steps—up to the stage, the podium, or the main lobby.

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    >Bruno Commercial Vertical Platform Lift
  • Savaria V-1504 Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

    The V-1504 lift is built to carry a wheelchair and passenger safely up and down one or more levels. Suitable for public and commercial buildings as well as private homes, this Savaria™ lift features an extremely versatile design that can be configured and customized to suit virtually any project requirements and aesthetic needs.

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    >Savaria V-1504 Commercial Vertical Platform Lift
  • Savaria Multilift Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

    A vertical platform lift designed for low-rise travel in commercial spaces, both indoors or out, the Savaria Multilift is an easy way to create access.

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    >Savaria Multilift Commercial Vertical Platform Lift
  • Savaria Prolift Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

    Known for its reliable hydraulic drive and durable construction, the Savaria Prolift is perfect for use in public buildings, such as schools and churches. The Prolift is a fully enclosed lift that has a smooth and quiet, which is why some say it feels like a traditional style elevator.

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    >Savaria Prolift Commercial Vertical Platform Lift
  • Harmar Highlander II Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift

    Safely access your raised entryway while remaining in your scooter or wheelchair with a Harmar Highlander II vertical platform lift (VPL) from Lifeway Mobility. Available in multiple heights and dimensions, this Harmar platform lift is built to fit your unique space and mobility needs. Whether you're navigating stairs, porches, or elevated platforms, this lift provides a safer and more convenient way to overcome these barriers and improve independence at home!

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    >Harmar Highlander II Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift

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