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Residential Elevators

Savaria Eclipse Home Elevator

For those who want to move safely and smoothly between multiple floors, the Savaria Eclipse residential elevator is a convenient way to take back and enjoy your independence.

Save valuable space in your home with the Savaria Eclipse residential elevator, which doesn’t require a separate machine room. It offers a smooth ride, and with simpler construction requirements, the Eclipse is easier and faster to install in an existing home than a hydraulic elevator. We can also help you make an Eclipse be the perfect compliment to your home with a variety of finish options and fixtures to suit virtually any decor. 

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  • Machine roomless: Unique design requires only a small space in a closet for components, so no machine room is needed, which typically helps save on installation time. 
  • Compact chain drive system: Requires only 8' ceilings. No ceiling shaftway construction is required.
  • Hide-away gate: Innovative gate system tucks away to maximize entryway and interior space.
  • Easy-access service panel: For machine roomless configurations with controller in the shaft, a service panel can be located inside or outside the shaft, making it accessible for maintenance.
  • Standard Finishes: Flat melamine or unfinished MDF (see cab configurator), double plywood floor, oxford white ceiling, clear or bronze anodized aluminum cab operating panel and hall call stations.
  • Multiple Safety Features: Battery operated (UPS) emergency lowering and lighting, hand-crank manual lowering, motorized braking, lockable control panel, elevator door interlocks, emergency stop switch, in-use indicator lights on hall stations, slack chain brake system.
  • Other standard features: Fully automatic operation, automatic cab on/off interior lighting, modular rail for easy construction, digital display in car operating panel, surface-mount telephone, white ceiling with 4 LED pot lights, MDF or melamine interior walls in a choice of colors.
  • Warranty: See details from Savaria here

Tech Specs

Applications: Residential, indoors
Standard capacity: 750 lb (340 kg), 950 lb (431kg), 1000 lb (453 kg)
Maximum travel distance: 50' (15.24 m), 60' (18.29m) where code permits with up to 6 stops & 2 openings
Nominal speed: 40 ft/min (0.20 m/s)
Motor: 2hp with geared roller chain & variable frequency drive
Minimum pit: 8" recommended, but as shallow as 6" is possible, and 10" required for HD model
Minimum overhead clearance: 96" (2438 mm)
Power supply: 230 volts, single phase, 60 Hz, 20 amps, 30 amp fused disconnect box with 20 amp fuse

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An Elevator That Complements Your Home

Your local dealer can show you the many ways to make your Eclipse home elevator the perfect complement to your home. A variety of finishes and fixtures are available to suit virtually any décor.

  • Optional Cab Finishes: Recessed hardwood, raised hardwood, finished or unfinished veneer, luxury MDF, routed white MDF
  • Optional Fixture Finishes: Brass #4 finish, stainless steel, blackened stainless steel, or architectural white (handrail, cab operating panel, hall call station).  Hall call stations available in rectangular or oval design.
  • Doors and Gate Options:
    • Bi-folding doors (standard)
    • Panel-fold gate in clear anodized aluminum with clear acrylic inserts, or anodized bronze with bronze acrylic inserts
    • Visi-fold gate anodized bronze with bronze acrylic
    • Clear-fold gate in clear anodized aluminum with clear acrylic inserts
    • Power gate and door operators
    • Automatic slim doors (84" cab height required)

Download the Lifeway Mobility Elevator Options Brochure for Savaria Elevators

  • Cab Sizes
      • W36” x L48” x H80”
      • W36” x L54” x H80”
      • W36” x L60” x H80”
      • W40” x L54” x H80”
    • Optional Height: 84", 96″
  • Other Options: Up to 6 stops, machine room less controller in the hoistway, telephone cabinet, alpha-numeric button marking, two-exit opening, speed upgrade to 50 fpm subject to the local code, buffer springs, keyed hall call station.

Photo Credit: Savaria


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