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Lifeway Mobility Featured on HouseSmarts via WGN Radio Chicago 720

Lifeway Mobility was proudly featured on HouseSmarts Radio with Lou Manfredini via WGN Radio Chicago 720! HouseSmarts is a well-known home improvement and lifestyle show that provides homeowners with tips on home renovation and repairs.   Lou and his team were interested in speaking to an expert about aging-in-place and making homes more accessible, and selected Lifeway Mobility as the guest to interview.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Tax Deductions for Accessible Home Modifications

Whether you have recently become disabled or have been living with a disability your whole life, you have likely needed to make modifications to your home to support an independent lifestyle. Home modifications can make parts of your home more accessible.

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by Gamburd   | 

Making the Transition to Independent Living on College Campus

In a study on parents of children with a disability, it was found that 55% of the parents were not sure their disabled child would always have a place to stay. Further, 62% stated their adult child with disabilities had strong independent living skills and abilities to to care of themselves.

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Posted 2/19/2020

Coping With Depression and Disability

The World Health Organization reports over a billion people have some form of disability. This can be due to aging, as well as an increase in chronic health conditions. Disabilities can take many forms but are overall described as having difficulty completing tasks that others can do without difficulty.

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Posted 2/2/2020

7 Questions to Ask Before Hospital Discharge

It is our purpose to help people simplify their lives with accessibility solutions. Many times, individuals who need us don’t know where to start and yet, they are about to be processed for hospital discharge or leave a physical rehab center. Whether patients are calling for guidance themselves or a family member is reaching out, here are seven helpful tips one should address before hospital discharge.

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Posted 1/14/2020

Aging Gracefully in Place

Studies show that 90% of older adults say they wish to stay in their homes as they age. If you are one of them, it’s time to make a plan for aging gracefully in place!

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Posted 11/4/2019

Fire Safety for People With Physical Challenges

In a society where many enter and exit their homes through their garages into their vehicles, years could pass before one ever meets their neighbor! In the name of convenience, we avoid conversations with the family next door because we’re too busy or just not sure we want to engage at all. What has happened to us? Have we forgotten how to connect with one another? Does it take an emergency situation like a fire, flood or earthquake for us to snap out of our bubble and take a look at who is living next door?

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Posted 10/30/2019

Food Delivery Services Let You Eat Gourmet Meals Without Leaving Home

If you have limited mobility, cooking meals from scratch at home can be too tiring, difficult, or even dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have delicious, nutritious meals at home. Dozens of food delivery services are available to take away the burden of shopping for ingredients, choosing a menu, and even food prep, from grocery delivery services that let you shop from home and do all your own cooking to a chef that comes to your home, cooks, and cleans up.

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by John Burfield  | 

Face Your Fears

There’s an old tale about two villages in the jungle that traded goods with one another. The tigers that lived in those jungles started charging the villagers. They would sneak up on the person who was traveling from one location to the other and strike from behind. Sadly, hundreds of people had lost their lives because of these tiger attacks. One day the assigned trader arrived at the second village ready to do business, but he was wearing a mask on his head backwards! The people were curious as to why he would wear this mask with the face on the backside of his head. The merchant explained that if the tiger thought he was facing him; the tiger would not attack. If his back was toward the tiger the merchant was viewed as prey and would suffer as hundreds of other villagers already did. To this day, when the people of these villages travel to another village, they wear masks with the face displayed on the back of their heads and have stayed safe because of it. How often in life has it felt like a villain crept up on us and we were completely unaware? Or perhaps we sensed something was about to change in our sphere and instead of looking at our options, we turned our back in fear and choose to look the other way? When we yield to the force of fears, we are giving it power over our lives. So why not address some of those concerns and seek solutions instead? Here are some common fears people experience today. Fears of Falling The fear of falling does not go unfounded. All it takes is one slip on the steps and the mere jolt to the body will strike at our self-confidence. Losing balance and taking a spill can send even the strongest person in a downward spiral. It’s not uncommon to then become a fearful person over even the smallest endeavors in the future. There are some precautions that people can take. For example, it may not have been difficult navigating two or three steps into the front door for the past 30 years, but now those steps are a challenge! Handrails can be a very effective and inexpensive solution to remedy future accidents getting into the house. If a family member feels wobbly inside the home, going from room to room handrails along the walls of dining areas, family rooms or even bedrooms can bring peace of mind. If navigating a longer staircase is a daunting challenge, stair lifts may be less pricey than you think! Contact us for an obligation-free quote. Since the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the house, fear of falling in the shower is a common concern! Non-slip coating can be an easy fix to a slippery shower scenario. Our technicians clean the tub or shower and then apply this no slip grip to any shower, bath or other flooring needed in your home. Combine this measure of safety with grab bars and your bathroom is no longer the most dangerous room in the house! Fears of Losing Independence We have some clients who may be in the throes of MS, ALS or some other progressive disease and in an effort to enjoy a sense of independence, they have chosen to install an overhead lift. With this multi room overhead lift system, the user has regained or maintained their independence. This lift enables the user via remote control to go from bed to chair to toilet to shower and in fact can zoom throughout their entire home if they so desire! Because we have licensed contractors and an in-house construction team, we are also able to remodel any room in the house. One of our clients wanted their kitchen redone so their wheelchair bound daughter could learn how to cook! Here we were able to design the kitchen so she could roll up to the stove touch a button and it would bring the stove top down to her level. When she was done cooking, she could hit the same button and it would raise the stove back to its original height. Even the dishwasher was no longer a heavy door opening but now was a drawer that she could access easily as well! Fears of Being Invisible It has been said, that when we approach a certain age, we can feel like no one notices us anymore. There are a few ways to remedy that situation and stay clear of those fears. Decide to get active or stay active in the community. There are plenty of organizations that have weekly activities such as bus trips to wine tasting events, theatrical productions, casinos, baseball games and other sporting events. They have ongoing classes and opportunities to learn how to Zumba, dance or use a smartphone, Facebook, and other social media to stay connected with kids and grand kids who may be far away. There are opportunities all around us, but we must make the effort to help connect our seniors to those programs. Sometimes folks just don’t know what’s available to them. If we are aware and compassionate enough to invite them, it could be a life-changing event for the senior and their entire family! So in the long run, there is no fear that can overcome us unless we allow it to do so. There are solutions for us but sometimes we need to put on a mask of courage just to get us to the right spot where options are available to us. Once we get ourselves in an atmosphere with others who are seeking social connection and independence, we realize we’re not invisible at all! We have a community of people who care, we were just unaware.

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Posted 7/17/2019

8 Tips to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

At some point, due to age or disability, you or a loved one may be faced with the prospect of having to use a wheelchair to assist in your primary mobility at home. Whether it be a temporary fixture to your home or something that will be more permanent, there are a number of simple modifications that can help improve accessibility and make life easier. If you are like most people, you live in a home that was not designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Below are some simple ideas on how to make sure that you will be able to stay in your home despite the necessity of a wheelchair.

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by Chris Frombach  | 

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