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Ceiling Lift: An Alternative to Accessible Bathroom Remodel

Posted on by Armando Carrillo

A ceiling lift can be a great alternative to an accessible bathroom remodel when budget is limited. Any sort of bathroom remodeling involves permits, construction, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

ceiling lift track allowing transfer from bedroom to bathroom
Ceiling lift track allows for a safe transfer from bed to bathroom

A ceiling lift is a piece of equipment that lifts a person, commonly out of a wheelchair, and transfers him/her to a bed, a recliner, a bathtub or shower, and back. It can even carry a person between rooms in a home in one transfer. In certain situations, the operator can be the person in need of being transferred, granting them complete independence.

While the main benefit of a ceiling lift is to allow for safe transfers for the user, It can also alleviate the strain of lifting for a caregiver. Installation of a ceiling lift can be custom fitted to a home, making it a viable solution for home mobility and safe bathing.

ceiling lift track in bathroom installed by Lifeway Mobility ceiling lift motor can change directions at pivot points

Why is a Ceiling Lift better than an Accessible Bathroom Remodel?

woman safely accessing tub via ceiling lift from Lifeway Mobility

Below are the key reasons why a ceiling lift is a great accessible bathroom remodel alternative.

  • More Affordable – a fixed ceiling-mounted lift can cost a fraction of what it costs to make a bathroom accessible (widening of doors, removing thresholds, converting a tub to a roll-in shower, replacing toilets and sinks, replacing the floor, and more)
  • Quicker Install – ceiling lifts can typically installed in one day. If any cutouts above doorways, or the replacement of doors, may extend the install a few days longer. Regardless, it'll have a much shorter timeline than a bathroom remodel, which could take weeks. This can be most crucial for anyone being discharged from the hospital that would need a transfer system installed sooner.
  • Maybe Covered by Medicaid – since it is a piece of equipment, and not a permanent modification to a home, it could be covered by Medicaid.
  • Overcome Trip Hazards – the lip of a shower, or having to step over a tub can lead to serious injuries if trips occur. A caregiver typically also have to lift and carry a person over these barriers, resulting in a high amount of strain as the years go by.
  • Access Through Standard Doorways – a wheelchair typically won’t fit through most bathroom doors. Transferring through a doorway will be seamless with a ceiling lift.
  • caregiver helping man onto toilet using ceiling mounted lift
    Minimal transfers – a disabled person, an older adult, or anyone with mobility challenges could move between chair and bed, or can skip the chair altogether and move from bed to the toilet or shower in ONE transfer. Talk about making life easier!
  • Take it with you – if a move is ever in order, a person can take the ceiling lift to their new home. If a house is being sold, the ceiling lift can be a good selling point if the buyer is in need of one, or it can be removed
  • It can be portable – if one opts for a portable motor, tracks can be set up in different areas of a home so that it can be removed and hooked in with ease. This minimized the amount of track required. This saves money and also helps keep a home looking like home. In addition, the portable motor can be connected between two separate homes altogether – like a primary home and a vacation home.


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Lifeway Mobility consultant arriving at customer's home for ceiling lift consultation

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