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Virtual Stair Lift Showroom

Visit our stair lift showroom from your couch! Watch the videos below to learn more about stair lift features and to see what information we’ll need in order to quote a price for your stair lift.

If you decide that you still want to be able to test ride a stair lift in-person, we have showrooms with fully operational stairlifts in the following regions:

Do You Need a Straight or Curved Stair Lift?

How Much Does the User Weigh?

Do You Need a Manual or Power Footrest?

Do You Need a Manual or Power Swivel Seat?

Do You Need a Folding Rail?

Do You Need a Manual or Power Folding Rail?

What’s Your Nose-to-Floor Measurement?



Interested in learning more about stair lifts? Check out the Lifeway Mobility Ultimate Stairlift Guide!

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