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Affordable, efficient, and quiet, a dumbwaiter is an ideal addition to any home or business. They provide a convenient and safe way to carry objects, such as food or groceries, between multiple floor levels in both residential and commercial settings. With a long list of available options, capacities, and car sizes, there’s a dumbwaiter that meets your specific needs.

  • Residential Dumbwaiters

    Do you have to carry laundry, groceries, food, files, garbage, firewood, or other heavy loads from one floor of your home to another? A residential dumbwaiter is a helping hand you can always count on! Lifeway offers winding drum and rack/pinion drive dumbwaiter systems for residential settings.

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  • Commercial Dumbwaiters

    Lifeway offers commercial dumbwaiters that are designed for non-passenger vertical transportation applications. This dumbwaiter has the size and weight capacity for most tasks—lifting medical or legal records, prepared food, wheeled carts, firewood, groceries, laundry, and more.

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