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Glass Home Elevators

The Savaria Vuelift glass home elevators from Lifeway Mobility change the perception of what a home elevator can be. Add beauty and convenience to your home, while also ensuring mobility and independence in the future. Vuelift glass elevators are stand-alone solutions and require no remodeling or construction. Learn more about the Vuelift home elevator models that we carry and the available design options.

  • Savaria Vuelift Home Elevator

    Make an investment in your continued mobility that will change your perception on home elevators and give you a new perspective on your home. The Savaria Vuelift is a high-quality glass elevator crafted with exceedingly strong acrylic panels, so you can enjoy a smooth ride with unobstructed views of the place you love best.

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    >Savaria Vuelift Home Elevator
  • Savaria Vuelift Mini Home Elevator

    Make your home stunningly beautiful and space more livable. Savaria's Vuelift Mini glass elevator combines stunning aesthetics with the convivence of reaching all floor levels of your home with the push of a button. It has a small footprint, making it an easy addition for new construction and flexible for installation into an existing home.

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    >Savaria Vuelift Mini Home Elevator

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