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Bath & Shower Transfer


Designed for individuals experiencing difficulty transferring in and out of a tub or shower, the SolutionBased ShowerGlyde offers an ideal solution to improve safety and independence. Three models are available to suit your needs as well as the layout of the bathroom. Choose from accessories to improve comfort & safety as needed. Learn more about how the ShowerGlyde can help reduce the risk of a fall and increase autonomy and dignity when showering and using the bathroom.


Multiple seat options, a seat belt, grab bar, and 19" tub height clearance are standard across all three models. The full range of features of the ShowerGyde sliding transfer bench product line are outlined in the comparison chart below.

Comparison Chart SG1 SG2 SG3
Slides Over Toilet Seat   X  
19" Tub Height Clearance X X X
Swivel Seat     X
Commode Seat X X X
Reducer Ring X X  
Solid Seat Insert X X X
Splatter Guard Insert     X
Seat Belt X X X
Grab Bar X X X



Compare the three models of the ShowerGlyde to determine which one will work best for your bathroom and mobility needs. Each model has a 

  • ShowerGlyde SG1

    The ShowerGlyde model SG1 is the first of the revolutionary sliding transfer bench line from SolutionBased. Designed to fit in bathrooms with no adjacent obstructions to the tub, it provides a safe and easy way to enter/exit a bathing space. It can be easily assembled as a left or right-hand unit and comes with all the basic features for the user to easily slide into tub or shower.

    Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

  • ShowerGlyde SG2

    ShowerGlyde model SG2 is a sliding transfer bench built to seamlessly fit bathrooms that have a toilet adjacent to the bathtub. Like the SG1 model, it enables a user to easily slider over the tub, and can be locked in the inside or outside of the tub. The SG2 is equipped with longer rails and accommodates the use of the commode function as needed.

    Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.

  • ShowerGlyde SG3

    Designed for bathrooms with limited space, the ShowerGlyde SG3 sliding transfer bench is built with shorter rails and swivel option to clear obstructions. This transfer allows users to easily slide in and out of the tub and has two lock points like the SG2 & SG3.

    Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.


ShowerGlyde height extension legs optionHeight Extension Legs
ShowerGlyde Armrest optional accessoryArmrest
ShowerGlyde extended rail optionExtended Rail
ShowerGlyde grab bar optional accessoryAdditional Grab Bar
ShowerGlyde handheld shower clip optional accessoryHandheld Shower Clip
ShowerGlyde padded seat optionPadded Seat

The chart below outlines the accessories available for each ShowerGlyde model

ShowerGlyde product model feature comparison



  • How do I determine which ShowerGlyde model I need?

The best ShowerGlyde model will depend on the layout of your bathroom. If there are no obstructions near the tub, the SG1 will work just fine. The SG2 is for bathrooms where a toilet is next to the tub, and the SG3 is best when there is a vanity, or limited space as it offers the ability to swivel the seat as needed.

  • What is the warranty?

SB's ShowerGlyde models hall come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on basic components.

  • Will the ShowerGlyde rust?

No, the ShowerGlygde will not rust as it is made of aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel components.

  • What tub height can the ShowerGlyde clear?

All models can clear a standard 19" tub. For 25" high tubs, the optional extension accessory will need to be added for it to clear.


Learn about how the ShowerGlyde product was developed from SolutionBased CEO & Founder, Israel Gamburd.

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