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Elevators for Homes in Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin

Posted on by Eric Rubel

Elevators for Homes in the Chicago, Illinois Area, Northwest Indiana & Southeast Wisconsin

Lifeway Mobility offers a variety of residential elevators for homes throughout the greater Chicago area, Northwest Indiana, and Southeast Wisconsin. The residential elevators we offer are from the top manufacturers in the industry:

Home elevator installed in Park Ridge, IL by Lifeway MobilityA home elevator is often thought to be an expensive luxury item. However, adding an elevator to your home is actually pretty affordable, and will benefit you and your family in a number of ways. 

Accessible Home Solution

A residential elevator is a great accessible solution for those who are disabled or have difficulty navigating the stairs. Stair lifts are often the more common solution selected for those who have trouble climbing the stairs because they can be installed quickly and are more affordable. However, if the person is wheelchair-bound or has a difficult time standing up without having assistance from others, then an elevator is a safer and better solution. A home elevator has enough room for a wheelchair to roll in and out of, which enables the user to stay in his/her wheelchair. Most elevator models that we sell have a large enough weight capacity to support a person and his/her wheelchair.

Convenience/Ease of Use

Although a home elevator is often added to be an accessibility solution, it can also be added to make your life more convenient. You can use the elevator to make carrying groceries or heavy items to the upper level of your home much easier. This eliminates any possible accidents or injuries from carrying heavy items up and down the stairs. Having an elevator in your home will save you time, energy, and wear and tear on your knees!

Home elevators, like commercial elevators that are in stores or office buildings, are very easy to use. It allows you to travel between the floors of your house with two pushes of a button. The first button that you need to push is located outside of the elevator. This button automatically opens the gate of the elevator and allows you to open the swing door and enter the elevator cab. To travel to another level of your home, you will push the button on the inside of the elevator. There is also an option available to add automatic sliding doors, which will make your elevator even easier to use!

Home Elevator Buttons                                                      Home Elevator in EHLS Showroom - located in Arlington Heights, IL 

Increase the Value of Your Chicago Area Home

residential elevator installed in Barrington Hills, Illinois by Lifeway MobilityIf you're interested in adding to the value of your home, a residential elevator becomes even more of an attractive solution. Many homebuyers, especially those that are middle-aged or older, are starting to look for homes that feature an accessible solution such as an elevator, wheelchair lift or stairlift. They want to plan for the future and having an elevator in the home will allow them to age in place as they grow older and their mobility starts to become limited. So, even if you don’t currently need an elevator, it is not a bad idea to consider one if you are interested in significantly increasing the resale value of your home.

Enhance the Style and Design of Your Home

While elevators have become much more affordable, they are still considered to be a luxury item by many. Those that are interested in adding an elevator as a luxury item are usually more interested in improving the style and design of their home. There are a number of options available for the interior cab design, handrails, panels, gates, light fixtures and much more. Please visit our cab styles and design options page for more information!

Do you want to save space in your home and/or avoid construction for installation?

Lifeway Chicago offers a modern style looking home elevator model, which is known as the through the floor home elevator. A through floor elevator has a futuristic design and travels thru the floor on freestanding tracks. A hoistway is not required for this model, so you will save both money and time on installation, and have more usable space in your home. If you plan on adding an elevator to an existing home, a through floor elevator may be the best option. The construction required for a traditional style elevator can be time-consuming and disruptive. The two through floor models that we sell and install are the Savaria Telecab and the Wessex Through Floor Home Elevator.

Savaria Telecab through the floor home elevator installed in Hawthorn Woods, IL                                     Wessex Through the Floor residential elevator

Contact us to learn more about adding a traditional or through the floor residential elevator to your home!

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