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Through the Floor Home Elevators

Pollock Home Elevator

Travel stylishly through the floor with a Pollock home elevator from Lifeway Mobility. Offering a smooth and quiet travel, you'll have a convenient way to navigate between two floor levels of your home. Schedule a free consultation today to learn why a Pollock elevator is the ultimate choice for enhancing your lifestyle at home.

The Pollock through floor elevator is a self-contained, shaftless elevator that smoothly & quietly travels through a floor cut-out. With no hoistway required, you'll save on construction costs, making this an affordable alternative to the traditional home elevator.

Built with a traction drive system, it offers the most comfortable travel experience as well as several installation and operation benefits, which are highlighted in the features section below. Several upgrade options are available to meet your needs and seamlessly blend the elevator with your home's decor. From installation to operation, every detail of the Pollock elevator has been designed with you in mind!

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  • shallow 1
    shallow ramp - less than 1"
    Traction drive system
  • Multiple cab sizes & cabin heights available
  • Quiet travel & soft start/stop
  • LED lighting
  • 507 lb. weight capacity
  • Wireless remote control
  • Self-contained & smaller footprint
  • Intelligent Logic Diagnostic Display
  • Modern & elegant white frame with large acrylic vision panels for a unique view of your home
  • Shallow ramp - less than 1"
  • No hoistway or pit required, saving you money on construction
  • Grey anti-slip flooring
  • Environmentally friendly

Safety Features

  • Fire protection system
  • Safety sensors/edges, 
  • Emergency battery lowering system, with manual back-up facility
  • ASME A17.1, A17.5, CSA B44.1 code compliant


  • Bluetooth or Alexa integration options
  • Faster motor
  • Special RAL colors
  • Cab mood lighting
  • Full color 7" display
  • Cab handrail
  • Tip-up seat
  • Power operated door
  • Auto dialer telephone
  • Custom color
  • Marble or Oak effect vinyl, or custom flooring
Pollock elevator cab handrail with controls optionCab Handrail with Controls
Pollock elevator in-car emergency telephone autodialer In-Car Emergency Telephone
Pollock elevator 77" Color LCD Display
Pollock elevator tip-up seat optionTip-up Seat
Pollock elevator cab mood lighting optionCab Mood Lighting
Pollock elevator oak effect vinyl flooring optionOak Effect Vinyl Flooring

Unique Logic Diagnostic Interface

Pollock's through-floor elevator from Lifeway offers a unique digital control system, offering benefits to you, the installer (Lifeway) and service engineers. This interface allows for easier installations and simplified servicing and troubleshooting should you ever run into any issues with the elevator.

  • Trip Counter - tracks number of cycles throughout elevator lifespan
  • Service Due Indicator - indicates notification to ensure regular maintenance for peak performance
  • Lift Fault Memory Log  - on board system for service engineers
  • Fault Source Identified - allows for simple issues to be fixed over the phone, limiting unneeded service visits
Trip Counter showing 2000 cycles on Pollock elevator cab diagnostic display screen Service Due indicator on Pollock elevator cab diagnostic display screen
Lift fault memory log on Pollock elevator cab diagnostic display screen Fault source identified on Pollock elevator cab diagnostic display screen

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