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Give the Gift of Safety and Independence this Holiday Season

Posted on by Eric Rubel

Are you having trouble deciding what to buy an aging parent or a grandparent this holiday season? If they live alone or are having trouble with the stairs, a stair lift could be a gift to consider.

Image of Holiday GiftsAs the holidays draw near, many of us start to scramble to find gifts for family, friends and anyone else that plays an important role in our lives. The holidays are about giving and enjoying times with family and friends, especially those that live out of town that we may only see a few times a year. When we go holiday shopping we want to find that perfect gift for family and friends. The expression on someone’s face when they open a gift that we buy is one of many things that can make a holiday so special. As we get older, we realize that the holiday season is more about giving than it is receiving.

Aging In PlaceHowever, buying for parent or grandparents as they grow older can become difficult. In fact, many of us are told by mom or dad or grandma or grandpa: “You don’t need to buy me anything, I already have everything.” They've had a lifetime of gifts and their perspective on giving and receiving is much different. The most important thing for them is being able to spend quality time with their family and friends around the around during the holiday season. However, even though they may say “please, no gifts this year," most of us still go out and buy a gift anyway. We would feel bad not buying a gift for mom and dad even when they say they don’t want or need anything.

Stair Lift: A Gift that they may not want, but need

grandpa riding his new stair lift down to the main floor level of his homeIf you feel that safety at home is starting to become a concern for a parent or grandparent, consider purchasing a stair lift to make their life easier and to help them renew their independence at home. It may not be the gift that they would think of to ask for, but one that they may need, and very much appreciate after it’s installed (even if they don’t tell you how much it has helped them).

They may claim that they are still able to get up and down the stairs just fine, even though it may, in fact, be extremely difficult for them to climb up and down the stairs every day. A stair lift will provide a safe and easy way to navigate the stairs at home for the rest of their lives. It will also allow them to remain in the home and community that have come to know and love for many more years.

Purchasing a stair lift for a relative with limited mobility will be beneficial for both of you

How a stair lift benefits you:

Any worries you may have had about their safety at home will be greatly reduced with the installation of a stair lift. Also, you will sleep much better at night and have peace of mind knowing that your parents or grandparents have a safe and easy way to get between the floors of their home. 

How a stair lift benefits your senior parent or grandparent:

senior woman sitting on stair lift and smiling at grandchildren sitting on the stairsA stair lift will provide numerous benefits for your parents or grandparents. Any anxiety or nervousness that they may have felt while navigating a set of stairs at home will be greatly reduced. If they stopped using the stairs at home, then they will regain their independence and be able to access all levels of the home again. Lastly, a stair lift provides the opportunity to remain at home, which so many seniors prefer, and is much more affordable than moving into a senior living facility.

Please contact us to learn more about stair lifts and how they can make your parents' or grandparents' lives much easier and safer this holiday season.

We also recommend that you stop by one of our stairlift showrooms! All of the Lifeway offices, with the exception of Indianapolis, have a showroom. You can see a lift up close in-person, learn how it operates, and feel its smooth and comfortable ride. Customers that visited one of the Lifeway Mobility showrooms before purchasing a stair lift found it to be very helpful as it makes the process of purchasing a stair lift much easier. It enables you to gain confidence in your purchase decision knowing that you have a full understanding of how it operates.

Interested in learning more about stair lifts: Check out our In-Depth Stair Lift Guide

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