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Threshold Ramps

Angled Entry Plate

The Angled Entry Plate is a portable stand-alone threshold plate with a slip-resistant surface which offers superior traction in varying conditions. This single-piece, formed aluminum plate helps to eliminate trip hazards and accommodates most mobility devices.


  • Slip-Resistant Surface: Features a superior applied tread for high traction.
  • Multiple Lengths: Available in 8", 10", and 12" lengths, making it a suitable solution for most doorways.
  • High-Strength Aluminum: Formed from high-strength aluminum which will not rust or corrode over time.


Use this chart to compare and contrast the features of the angled entry plate in different lengths.

Specifications 8" 10" 12"
Overall dimensions (L x W) 8 x 32" 10 x 32" 12 x 32"
Slip-resistant surface      
Height (Plate only) 0.695" 0.695" 0.695"
Usable height Up to 1.312" Up to 1.625" Up to 2"
Rated capacity 700 lbs 700 lbs 700 lbs
Weight 3.5 lbs 4.25 lbs 5 lbs
Pricing $90 $100 $105

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