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Mobile Patient Lifts

Mobile patient lifts allow users with limited mobility to be comfortably lifted and safely moved to and from just about any position. These sturdy, durable lifts are idea for home use as well as for use in schools, day centers or other professional settings. Mobile lifts are great for going from room to room without the home modifications necessary for other types of mounted patient lift systems.

caregiver using mobile patient lift to safely transfer woman into bathtub at home

A mobile patient lift is similar to a Hoyer lift as it rolls on the floor and has long legs that extend around the wheelchair or under the bed. It has a "boom arm" that extends over your head and holds a sling on a spreader bar. The spreader bar is designed to keep the sling comfortably away from your face and head. These types of lifts mobile are operated either with a hydraulic lift or a battery powered lift. Our accessibility experts highly recommend the battery power electric lift mechanism as it is easier to operate than the hydraulic lift.

Mobile patient transfer lifts are ideal for a bathroom, bedroom, or any other room with a hardwood or solid floor. The one challenge is that these types of lifts don't operate well in a smaller rooms as it is usually 4 feet or more long. In those cases, other types of transfer lifts or solutions may be options to consider, such as a ceiling lift.

Our local accessibility experts can help determine which specific mobile patient lift would be best for your mobility needs during a free consultation.


Lifeway Mobility offers a variety of mobile patient floor lifts from SureHands. Below is additional information on the features, operation, and specifications of each type of mobile patient lift model type.

Mobile Lift 2600 (Victor)

Designed for intensive use, the Mobile Lift 2600 patient lift can safely help lift a patient from the floor to high beds or tables twice as fast as other mobile patient lifts. It has an electrically adjustable base, and can be used in combination with the SureHands spreader bars, slings, or Body Support. With it's exchangeable battery box or direct charging the 2600 mobile patient lift is "always on stand-by"!


  • Long battery life (up to 160 lifts)
  • Lift up to 500 lbs.
  • Made of durable aluminum & stainless-steel
  • Built-in motor & mechanical emergency down safety feature

Mobile Lift 1630

Mobile patient lift 1630 enables caregiver to transfer for patient from bed to shower chair

A budget friendly solution for home settings, the Mobile lift 1630 is a compact and reliable solution for safe transfers. An integrated sprederbar and ergonomic handlebar make it convenient to use and easy to maneuver. Its adjustable base allows for easy positioning and easy-to-roll castors provide clearance under low objects. Perfect for use from the ground to a shower chair, toilet, or bed.


  • 386 lb. weight capacity
  • Compatible with slings only
  • Emergency down safety feature

Mobile Lift 1640 & 1641

The Mobile Lift 1640 & 1641 are versatile solutions for safe transfers, offering an extended vertical lift range from the floor to a bed, tub, toilet, or changing table. Built with an ergonomic handle bar, the 1640 & 1641 mobile patient lifts offer smooth steering and easy maneuvering. An adjustable base provides easy positioning and easy-to-roll castors allow for clearance under low objects.

The main difference between Mobile Lift 1640 & Mobile Lift 1641 is the weight capacity. Also, the 1641 is equipped with an integrated spreader bar for convenience, but is only compatible with slings.


  • 386-441lb. weight capacity
  • Compatible with SureHands slings or Body Support (1640 only for Body Support)
  • Emergency down safety feature

Stand-Assist 1620

Built for quickly lifting to a standing position, the Stand-Assist 1620 patient lift is ideal for toileting, and for help up from a chair or bed. With an adjustable base, it can go around wheelchairs and is easy to maneuver in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms. A patient's lower body remains free, allowing for a caregiver to easily assist with undressing or dressing the user if needed. Users with reduced muscle tone and mobility can quickly and easily go to the toilet thanks to the Stand-Assist 1620.


  • 330 lb. safe working load
  • Safety belt for lower legs
  • Adjustable knee support for balance during lifting and standing
  • Exchangeable battery box w/ integrated charger
  • Emergency operation
caregiver helps patient stand up using 1620 stand assist mobile patient lift


The warranties on the mobile floor lifts vary by each model. Our local accessibility experts can provide warranty information and help determine which type of mobile lift may be best for your needs.


Download the mobile patient lift brochures to learn more about the model lift types above, or contact us today to set up a free consultation.

Stand Assist 1620 Brochure

Mobile Lift 1630 Brochure

Mobile Lift 1640 Brochure

Mobile Lift 1641 Brochure

Mobile Lift 2600 Victor Lift


How does a mobile patient lift differ from other types of patient lifts?

Mobile patient lifts are more portable than other types of patient lifts, such as ceiling lifts or a standard sit-to-stand lift. They are also typically more portable, which allows caregivers to easily move the lift from one room to another or in different locations.

What is the best way to clean & maintain a mobile patient lift?

These types of lifts should be cleaned on a regular basis with recommended disinfectants by the manufacturer. Routine maintenance can help with keeping the lift in good condition to ensure it is operating safely

Are mobile patient lifts easy to maneuver?

For most caregivers, mobile patient lifts are easy to use and maneuver as they are battery powered and have wheels.

What are the safety features on mobile patient lifts?

Safety features can vary by the type of mobile patient lift, but the most common are emergency stop or mechanical emergency down, and electrical emergency controls. Our local ceiling lift experts can also help with demonstrating safe use of mobile patient lift that works best for your mobility needs

Can mobile patient lifts be easily stored and transported when not in use?

The ability to store and transport a mobile patient lift is going to very by specific model and type.

Are mobile patient lifts compatible with various slings and harnesses?

Yes, most of these patient lifts will work with slings or the SureHands Body Support. You can select which type of lifting system will work based for your patient or family member, depending on their needs and comfort.

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