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Outdoor Stair Lifts

Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight Stair Lift

Enjoy your yard safely with a Bruno Elite outdoor stairlift from Lifeway Mobility. A great option for homes with decks, or elevated entrances, an outdoor stairlift allows safe, comfortable access to your home. The components of the outdoor Elite stairlift are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions!


  • Timely stair lift installations to accommodate your schedule.  
  • Bruno Outdoor Elite stairlift professionally installed by Lifeway's trained and certified technicians
  • Rails are mounted to the treads of the stairs and do not require a wall for support.
  • Removal of the unit and track leaves minimal footprint.

Outdoor Stairlift Seat Cover

The Bruno Outdoor Elite straight stair lift now comes with a bag cover underneath the seat, instead of a canopy cover. The new bag cover provides a tighter fit and takes up less overall space on the staircase. While the canopy version is still available, the new bag cover located beneath the seat will ship as standard.


Features Bruno Elite Outdoor Straight Stair Lift
Flip-up arms, seat, and footrest  
Weather-resistant cover  
Two wireless call/send remotes  
Battery operated  
Marine-grade vinyl padded seat  
Obstruction safety sensors  
Onboard audio/visual diagnostics  
Offset swivel seat  
Gold warranty (5 year major components; 2 year parts)  
Rental or buy-back options N/A
Weight capacity 400 lb
Pricing  $7,000-$9,000 on average


Bruno Elite outdoor stairlift larger seat pad option from Lifeway MobilityLarger Seat Pad
Bruno Elite outdoor stairlift larger footrest option from Lifeway MobilityLarger Footrest
Bruno Elite outdoor stairlift 4-point harness option from Lifeway Mobility4-Point Harness


A new outdoor straight stair lift starts around $6,000 and range upward depending on location, upgrade options added, etc.. For more information, contact us or see our pricing FAQs.

Brochure & Technical Drawing Downloads

Lifeway-Bruno Elite Outdoor Stair Lift Brochure preview image

Learn more about all the safety features and benefits of a straight outdoor stair lift.

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Want to get a bit more technical? Check out the technical drawings of the Elite Outdoor Stair Lift.

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outdoor-stairlift-near-marina-from-Lifeway-Mobility-Philadelphia.JPG outdoor-stair-lift-installed-in-Egg-Harbor-NJ-near-marina-by-Lifeway-Mobility.JPG outdoor-stairlift-for-lake-access-installed-by-Lifeway-Mobility-in-Connecticut.jpg outdoor-stairlift-in-Los-Angeles-with-components-folded-up-at-bottom-landing.JPG outdoor-stairlift-installed-by-Lifeway-Mobility-Los-Angeles.JPG outdoor-stairlift-with-chair-cover-in-Long-Beach-CA.JPG outdoor-stairlift-Bloomington-IN-installed-by-Lifeway-Mobility.JPG outdoor-stairlift-from-Lifeway-Mobility-for-access-to-boat-on-lake-in-Indianapolis-.JPG starliftinstalledonoutdoorstairsleadingtolakebyLifewayMobilityBaltimore.JPG straightoutdoorstairliftprovidingsafeaccesstolakeinbackyardofBaltimoreareahome.JPG outdoor-stairlift-from-Lifeway-Mobility-with-cover-on-chair.jpg outdoor-stairlift-installed-in-CO-by-Lifeway-Mobility.jpg

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