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Chair Lifts for Stairs with Landings

Posted on by Eric Rubel

There are many reasons landings are added to stairs. They allow stairs to change directions and also provide a space for people to rest, if needed. Stair landings are also needed when a door at the top of the steps swings inwards towards the stairway.

stair lift installed on L-shaped staircase
Stairlift on L-Shaped Staircase

Stair lifts can be installed on several types of staircases with landings. However, before we provide more information on stairlift models and options available, it's important to identify which type of staircase matches the one in your home. Below is some additional information on the most common types of staircases with landings.

Stairs With Landings

types of staircase designs

A landing is a platform at the top or bottom of stairs. A stairway is the set of steps between each floor or level. There are many types of stairways that have landings.

  • Straight Stairs these are most common and the least costly way to provide access to higher levels of a home. There are times where an intermediate landing is placed between two flights of straight stairs.
  • L-shaped stairs with landings are stairs that make one turn. These can be moved to areas of your home where less space is used.
  • U-shaped stairs are two sets of stairs that go in the opposite direction of one another, with a landing at the point where the stairs switch directions and at the top or bottom.
  • Winder stairs do just that, they wind. The landing is only at the top or bottom, however. This is also true for spiral, curved, and circular stairs.

Other types of stairs, like ladder and floating, can have landings, but these types of stairs are not the best for an installation of a stairlift. Some choose split staircases in which you climb a short set of stairs, then switch to either a left or right set of stairs to reach the next level. A big landing is at the top of the first stairway and can also be at the top of the second.

Codes & Regulations for Staircases

Building codes require landings or a change in direction for safety. For instance, some codes require you to change stair directions every 12 to 14 risers. That means if you have over 30 steps, you may need to change directions with the use of a landing two times.

Codes and regulations vary between states and counties so knowing this information is important, especially when choosing a chair lift. The landing itself counts as a step. If you must lift your leg to get onto it, it is considered a step. This is another factor to consider when installing chair lifts for stairs with landings.

Nonetheless, the type of stairs you have can help in determining what type of stair lift may work best for your mobility needs and budget.

Types of Chair Lifts for Staircases with Landings

There are basically two types of chair lifts for stairs with landings:

  • Straight chair lifts are the most economical and easiest/quickest to install. They are used with stairways that do not have any curves, bends or twists.
  • Curved chair lifts are best suited for stairways with a change in direction, even a small one. Curved tracks allow you to have a smooth ride around edges of stairs and are made to help you extend further onto the landing at the top or bottom of a staircase.

Those with multiple staircases and multiple landings have options, too!

Chair Lifts for Multiple Stairs With Landings

There are times when stairways split and go in different directions but continue to move upward. Multiple stair levels are used to give those climbing the steps a chance for a temporary rest. The best chair lift options for multiple level stairs and landings include two straight lifts, a curved chair lift, or a combination of a straight lift and a curved lift.

Two Straight Stair Lifts

If you are looking to save money, choose two straight lifts – one will be attached to the steps of each stairway. Your ride will include taking the chair lift from the bottom floor to the second floor.

On the second floor, you will be required to exit the first chair lift and walk onto the landing an over to the next chair lift. You will then sit in the second chair lift that will take you to the top level. The same will be true if you choose a combination of curved and straight chair lifts.

Straight stair lift in home in Illinois  Stairlift #2 in home in Illinois


One Curved Stair Lift

custom curved stair lift installed on stairs with multiple landings
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Needless to say, for one smooth ride from bottom floor to top, choose a curved chair lift. Curved chair lifts for stairs with landings allow you to go around edges and bends without having to move from lift to another to get to the top.

You can, however, stop on the second floor and exit if you want, which is often known as a mid-park option. The chair will stay on that level with you unless you choose to send it to another level.

Learn more about two straight stairlifts vs one curved stairlift

Outdoor Stair Chair Lift Options

Stairs are not only found on the interior of a home. Many homes have outside stairways that lead from the house to a garage, a porch, the yard or basement. These are all places that have landings and can benefit from a chair lift. The only difference is that outdoor stair lifts are built to withstand the outdoor weather elements and some even come with a protective cover.

woman sitting on outdoor stair lift at bottom landing while holding dog on leash

Choosing and Purchasing Your Chair Lift

After doing research on lifts for staircases with landings and reading online stair lift reviews, it is recommended that you have a free consultation scheduled to get a better idea of which option will be best in your situation. There are many tasks involved between deciding on a lift and taking your first ride. Taking measurements, choosing service plans, choosing features for safety and luxury, installing the tracks on the steps and learning to run the chair lift are a few of these tasks.

Lifeway Mobility stair lift expert talking to customers during free consultation

Choose the professionals who are trained by the manufacturer of the chair you choose. They will be able to provide installation, maintenance and repairs, if ever needed. 

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