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Shower & Bathroom Safety

Lifeway Mobility Featured on HouseSmarts via WGN Radio Chicago 720

Lifeway Mobility was proudly featured on HouseSmarts Radio with Lou Manfredini via WGN Radio Chicago 720! HouseSmarts is a well-known home improvement and lifestyle show that provides homeowners with tips on home renovation and repairs.   Lou and his team were interested in speaking to an expert about aging-in-place and making homes more accessible, and selected Lifeway Mobility as the guest to interview.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Top 8 Rolling Shower Chair Options

Reports show that over 2 million people inure themselves in the bathroom each year, including in the shower and while using the toilet. Utilizing the shower, toilet ,and sink in the bathroom is essential to your lifestyle. Having a disability does not lessen the bathroom’s importance. Being able to maneuver around in the bathroom with a disability must be planned out and individualized for each homeowner. A rolling shower chair is a popular choice among the disabled. They make it easy to bathe, use the toilet and even wash their hands, brush their teeth, and take care of other hygiene activities.

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Posted 3/20/2020

5 Home Safety Tips for Seniors to Prevent Falls

As we age, our home may not be as easy to navigate as it once was. Getting up and down a set of stairs may be a chore because of decline in mobility. The risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom is likely much higher, especially if there are no grab bars in the bathtub/shower, or near the toilet. An option for seniors who are having a difficult time staying safe at home is a senior living facility. In most areas around the country, there are many senior living facilities that offer care and assistance. However, a senior living facility does not have the familiarity and comfort that a home does. A home is full of memories from parties and gatherings with family and lifelong friends. It is the place where a majority of seniors prefer to stay as they age.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

School Accessible Solutions for Persons with a Physical Disability

If you have worked in or been to an elementary, middle, high school, or even a university lately, you may have noticed that there are many diverse situations that need to be accommodated for: wheelchairs, walkers, space for physical and occupational therapy, barrier-free playground equipment, etc. Many schools throughout the country are older and were not built with these accommodations in mind, and despite the Americans with Disabilities Act, some schools are not as compliant as they could be. So, if you are an administrator looking to adapt your school’s environment for students with disabilities or a parent wanting more access, read on for more tips on accessibility!

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by Paul Bergantino  | 

8 Tips to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

At some point, due to age or disability, you or a loved one may be faced with the prospect of having to use a wheelchair to assist in your primary mobility at home. Whether it be a temporary fixture to your home or something that will be more permanent, there are a number of simple modifications that can help improve accessibility and make life easier. If you are like most people, you live in a home that was not designed to accommodate wheelchairs. Below are some simple ideas on how to make sure that you will be able to stay in your home despite the necessity of a wheelchair.

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by Chris Frombach  | 

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