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When Is It the Right Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

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Families have a way of evolving through various stages of life. There are seasons of raising children and navigating the toddlers, teens, and young adult dreams. There is the empty nest syndrome, and some of us are living alone, navigating the ever-changing dynamics of aging. No matter the season, it’s good to examine three reasons why you may need to consider to remodel your bathroom.

Safety Concerns

To really get on board and remodel your bathroom, you must understand that it could be the most dangerous room in the house! From toddler to centenarian, we have all had our share of slips and stumbling. Some of the high-end tile in our tubs and showers have only added to the danger because of how slippery that tile becomes when water is added to the surface! Safety should never be an option; it should be a requirement. Other companies who don’t specialize in mobility solutions are more focused on their bottom line rather than keeping you out of the hospital!

Changes in Mobility

If you have been lucky enough to have a healthy family, count your blessings – not everyone has been so fortunate. When a physical challenge has beset a family member, the bathroom should be one of the first areas of the home to re-examine. If the family member is now in a wheelchair, perhaps it’s time to widen the doorways. If the individual is now using a walker then a barrier free shower would be an excellent solution!

When the Current Plan Is Not Serving You Well

Some households have family members who are agile and still enjoy a hot soak in the tub. But that same family may also have a loved one who can’t lift their leg the 14 inches to get over the side of the tub to take a shower. Some bathroom designs just don’t work anymore to allow all the residents to use in a comfortable manner.

We get used to how things are and sometimes things can be wrong for so long that we don’t even see them anymore. We can’t even imagine how they could be different or should be improved upon!

Taking Steps to Remodel Your Bathroom

Why not invest an hour of your time to meet with a creative licensed contractor who has an eye for detail and design? We have consultants who will come to your home with a laptop and a split screen to show you the current design to remodel your bathroom, and the rendering of how your bathroom could look. There may be a way to reconfigure your tub, shower, doorways, vanity, and entryway to create a more accessible, more beautiful room.

Lifeway Mobility has been serving families for over a decade. Your safety and independence are our priorities. Our staff has the experience and creativity to solve your unique challenges in designing a barrier-free environment. We understand that it’s not just the equipment, but also your dignity and freedom that we must support.

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