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5 Home Safety Tips for Seniors to Prevent Falls

As we age, our home may not be as easy to navigate as it once was. Getting up and down a set of stairs may be a chore because of decline in mobility. The risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom is likely much higher, especially if there are no grab bars in the bathtub/shower, or near the toilet. An option for seniors who are having a difficult time staying safe at home is a senior living facility. In most areas around the country, there are many senior living facilities that offer care and assistance. However, a senior living facility does not have the familiarity and comfort that a home does. A home is full of memories from parties and gatherings with family and lifelong friends. It is the place where a majority of seniors prefer to stay as they age.

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by Eric Rubel  | 

Make Your Home Accessible for Relatives This Holiday Season

The holiday season is once again here! There are so many things to remember: buying gifts, decorating the house, making travel plans, etc. It’s also important to remember family members and friends who may find it difficult to get into and out of your home while visiting. Similarly, you may find it personally difficult to access a relative’s home if you have limited mobility.

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by Chris Frombach  | 

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