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Powder Coated Aluminum Ramps: Style and Performance

Posted on by John Burfield

Aluminum modular ramps have several advantages over wood ramps including low maintenance, quick installation, superior traction, and resale value. Despite these advantages, some people prefer the look of a wooden ramp over aluminum. This is understandable considering many people spend years perfecting their exterior decorating and take pride in the way their home looks.

black-powder-coated-aluminum-wheelchair-rampFortunately, there is a solution that allows you to enjoy the benefits of an aluminum wheelchair ramp while complementing your home’s aesthetics. This solution is called powder coating and several aluminum ramp manufacturers including EZ-ACCESS and American Access have powder coating options for their ramp systems.

Powder coating color options include black, bronze, and tan which will match the exterior colors of most homes and buildings.

In addition to blending in with the aesthetics of your home, powder coating can also add extra protection to your ramp from corrosive materials including certain types of ice melt products.

With powder coating, there is no need to sacrifice performance for style, since you get the best of both worlds!

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