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Ceiling Lift Installation

Posted on by John Burfield


Layout and Design

Overhead ceiling lifts have been available for many years.  Most people are not aware that such items exists.  Depending on a person’s mobility, an overhead track lift could be a great solution for anyone having difficulty transferring from bed to chair. We normally recommend a lift system over the bed area. In this particular home we installed a lift that travels from the bed into the family room, through the hallway and into a bathroom.  This is not a typical lift layout, but we pride ourselves in creating solutions for our clients.

Structural Modifications

This two story home has been engineered with TJI joist and multiple ceiling heights. Most new homes nowadays have such a joist.  TJI Joist and overhead lifts don’t go well together, and here’s why: ceilings are made to hold the floor above, not a hoist from below.  With some design work and modification to the ceiling and door ways, we were able to get this track system installed.ceiling lift spec sheet for room

Types of Overhead Lifts and Alternatives

If one is considering a ShowerBuddy transfer system, it’s good to understand that in most cases this can prevent a rail from traveling throughout the home. We would normally recommend an overhead lift that starts over the bed transferring onto a TubBuddy system. This way the end user can be rolled over a toilet and slide into the tub.

There are multiple types of installations available for overhead lifts. We prefer to use a wall mounting system which would prevent modification to the ceiling. Such installations are normally quick and can be removed with very little damage to the walls. If one wishes to travel from room to room, a wall mounted system cannot be used.

.   . construction for ceiling lift installation.   modification to ceiling to allow for ceiling lift to be installed in home    weight test for newly installed ceiling lift by Lifeway Mobility.   weighted test for ceiling lift.    ceiling lift installed in home with custom ceiling cut out.   

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