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Outdoor Recreation for Seniors: Tips for Safe & Enjoyable Adventures

Posted on by Tammy

older adults walking on a pathway near a prairie using walking sticks

Staying active is important for the health and well-being of all age groups – but it’s a game changer for seniors. As older adults enter their golden age, it’s important to support and encourage their engagement in outdoor recreation activities. Here are a few tips to stay active while staying safe at the same time. 

Group Activities

When planning outdoor festivities, keep it appropriate to the guests’ mobility and fitness levels. A great way to stay active is through walking. Whether it’s a quick stroll around the block or a mile-long walk at the local high school track, walking keeps our hearts healthy and allows us to soak up some Vitamin D.


older adult on his knee gardening

Gardening is a calm activity that keeps seniors active with the added benefit of fresh vegetables for dinner or flowers for the home and landscape. Plus, it’s a fun year-round activity for those in sunny states like Florida or California.

But watch out for mosquitoes. Protect yourself from those blood-sucking pests while you’re out in the garden or walking. The best ways to prevent mosquitoes in your garden and home include removing standing water.


Bird watching might sound a bit dull, but it’s actually pretty soothing and great for connecting with nature. You can even get bird feeders with cameras to check out the birds from the comfort of your home.

Feeding squirrels can also add a bit of fun to your day. If you have a lake or pond nearby, get some bread and feed the ducks, geese, and fish too. Such a simple activity can bring so much delight to a senior’s daily routine.

Fruit Picking

Visiting local berry farms to pick your own fruit is a great way to get fresh air and engage in mild exercise. There are fruit farms almost everywhere that allow people to come out and pick their own fruit. They usually also have some delicious food to eat and stores to buy jams and desserts.


An easy and enjoyable outdoor activity, photography is a great way for seniors to relax while capturing moments that will last a lifetime. From nature shots to moments with friends and family, photography is a great way to seize the day and make memories.

senior woman looking at camera in her hand

Group Sing-Alongs

Who doesn’t love karaoke with a crowd? Outdoor group sing-alongs are fun and easy on the body. Playing popular tunes from their youth can encourage seniors to dance lightly or tap along while unlocking memories from years past.

Fall Prevention Tips

Remember to stay safe while walking or gardening outdoors. Check sidewalks for cracks to prevent trips and falls. Stay away from steep hills and wet, muddy areas where you can easily slip. If stairs around the home are becoming a hassle to navigate, add railings or consider the installation of a stair lift, wheelchair ramp, or platform lift.

Check the Weather

Check the forecast before heading out. Too much heat can be dangerous for older adults and can include the risks of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Instead, when it’s hot, head over to the local mall to walk indoors. And while seniors are engaging in any activity, make sure they stay hydrated with plenty of water. In cold or snowy weather, stay indoors or dress warmly in layers to prevent falls on icy sidewalks.

senior woman and her daughter sit on hammock and watch nature

Preparing for Emergencies

For those who are still active and live alone, having something like Life Alert is a lifesaver — literally. In the event of a slip and fall or other emergency, all they have to do is press a button and help is on the way.

Getting active outside is great for seniors but remember to take regular breaks and keep the schedule flexible to ensure they stay safe and healthy all year long.

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