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Chicago No-Contact Wheelchair Ramp Install Allows Customer to Safely Return Home

Posted on by Eric Rubel

Getting in and out of the home when there is a staircase preventing safe access is a type of need that has been especially critical at this time. Many are trying to bring loved ones home from a hospital, nursing home, or senior living facility to safeguard their health.

The following video summarizes how a no-contact install of a wheelchair ramp allowed a customer to safely return home from the hospital.


Below is the full story.

Towards the end of April, we received a call from a customer who was interested in a home access solution that would make it safe for when her husband returned from the hospital. This was an immediate need as she was expecting him to be home within two days. Her husband uses a wheelchair, so the large stoop outside of the front door of the home would make it near to impossible for him to safely get inside. Another option was the garage, but that also had a couple steps leading up to the doorway.

To help this customer identify options that would provide a safe way for her husband to get in and out of the home, Lifeway scheduled a no-contact evaluation for the next day.

Wheelchair Ramp - Fast & Safe Solution

man in scooter using wheelchair ramp to safely access his homeThere are a variety of solutions that can provide safe access to a home, such as wheelchair lifts, ramps, outdoor stair lifts, and home modifications. In this case, however, a wheelchair ramp was identified by the Lifeway accessibility consultant as the best "in & out of the house" safety solution for the customer. The type of ramp selected was a solid surface aluminum modular ramp with handrails.

No-Contact Home Evaluation and Quote

When the Lifeway accessibility consultant arrived at the home, he put on his face mask, and gloves before getting out of the vehicle. He then proceeded to the front of the home to take measurements of the area while the customer remained inside of her home. After all the necessary measurements were taken, he wrote up a free quote on site and left it for the customer to review. Later that afternoon, the customer reached back out to Lifeway to purchase the ramp for her husband.

Lifeway Mobility consultant taking measurements of front entrance with gloves and face mask  Lifeway Mobility consultant writing up ramp quote outside of home

Safely & Timely Installation

With an inventory of ramp material, Lifeway was able to schedule the install for the day after the customer decided to purchase the ramp. When the Lifeway technician arrived at the job site, he put on his gloves and did all prep work in the back of his van. He then completed the ramp install while the customer remained inside of her house. 

Tambulance arrives at customer's home as ramp installation is finished by Lifeway Mobility technicianhis proved to be perfect timing as the ambulance bringing the customer home arrived right as the install was completed. The EMTs were then able to use the ramp to safely bring him into the house. Appreciative of the quick turnaround, the customer took the time to personally thank the technician and sales consultant. She was thrilled that she was able to have her home ready for her husband's return form the hospital.

Make Your Home Safer & More Accessible

If you or your loved one is need of a solution to make your home more accessible, Lifeway can help safely, remotely and quickly. Our ramps are available for purchase and rental, and our experienced accessibility experts can help you make the right decision.

To safeguard the health of our customers and team members, Lifeway will continue to offer remote evaluations and no-contact installations for the foreseeable future. Please contact us to schedule your free evaluation!

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