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Best Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps for Your Home

Posted on by Eric Rubel

Do you or one of your family members use a wheelchair or have difficulty with the stairs outside of your home? Lifeway Mobility Chicago, formerly EHLS, offers a number of products that can eliminate the hassle of getting up and down the stairs, and provide you, a friend, or family member with a safe solution. The products that Lifeway sells and installs are wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, and even pool lifts for those who need assistance getting into a pool at home!  An outdoor accessibility solution will increase your independence and allow you to enjoy your front yard and/or backyard again! Below are a few details that will help choose the best possible solution for your Chicago area home

Best Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts for Homes in the City and Suburbs of Chicago, IL

Porch Lifts

A porch lift, which is also known as an outdoor wheelchair lift or vertical platform lift, is a common solution for wheelchair and powerchair users that need assistance getting in and out of their homes. These type of lifts are cost-effective and have a large enough platform that will enable wheelchair and power chair users to get in and out of their homes safely and independently. The porch lifts we sell and install are made by the top manufacturers in the industry: Bruno and Savaria. Make your deck, porch, or garage accessible with a porch lift from Lifeway Chicago!

The two pictures below are porch lifts that we recently installed in the Chicago, Illinois Area

Image of a porch lift installed in Chicago for a U.S. Veteran                               Image of an outdoor wheelchair lift installed and deck installed by EHLS at a home in Chicago, Illinois

Inclined Platform Lifts

Lifeway will usually only recommend an outdoor inclined platform lift when a porch lift or outdoor stair lift cannot be easily accommodated. Like porch lifts, inclined platform lifts have a large platform that wheelchair and powerchair users can easily roll onto. However, instead of traveling vertically, these lifts carry users over the staircase on a rail system that is mounted alongside the stairs. Some even refer to them as a "magic carpet" because of the size of the platform and the way they ride. There are models available to accommodate straight and curved staircases and even ones with multiple levels or intermediate landings.

Inclined Platform Lift installed on an outdoor staircase

Best Outdoor Stair Lifts

An outdoor stair lift is perfect for those who have limited mobility and need assistance getting up and down the stairs. Stair lifts provide a safe and easy way to access the front yard, back yard, patio or even a lake! (see photos below) Bruno's straight and curved outdoor stair lifts are built to withstand all four of Chicago's weather seasons. Restore your independence and enjoy Chicago's beautiful summer weather with a stairlift!

Is an outdoor stair lift protected in the rain and snow? Yes, Bruno's Elite outdoor stair lift comes with a cover that protects it from any precipitation.

Image of a man riding down a stair lift that was installed on the stairs in his backyard in Round Lake, Illinois                 An outdoor stair lift that was installed in Chicago, Illinois, by EHLS                  Image of a woman riding her new outdoor stair lift that was installed on the stairs in the backyard of her home in Wonder Lake, Illinois

Best Wheelchair Ramps

A wheelchair ramp is one of the most common accessible solutions for those who need assistance getting in and out of their home. There a number of wheelchair ramps available including aluminum modular, wooden, and concrete. All of these ramps are great accessible solutions for wheelchair and powerchair users. One foot of ramp is necessary for every inch of vertical rise.

Aluminum modular ramps are the most popular because they are cost-efficient, easy to install, require little to no maintenance, and will not rot or rust. There are three different surface options available for the aluminum ramps we offer: solid, expanded metal, and perforated. All three surface options are slip-resistant, and the expanded and perforated options provide increased drainage for rain and snow.  Aluminum wheelchair ramps are also the quickest wheelchair ramp option available. These types of ramps can be installed and ready to use in a few hours.

       Aluminum Ramp in Joliet, Illinois                                  Aluminum Ramp in Yorkville, Illinois      

Image of an Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramp installed in the backyard of a home in Joliet, Illinois       Image of Modular Wheelchair Ramp installed in Yorkville by EHLS

Pool Transfer Lifts

A pool lift provides a safe and easy way for those with limited mobility to enter and exit a pool! Everyone enjoys going in a pool on hot summer days in Chicago. However, entering and exiting a pool may be difficult for those with limited mobility. A pool transfer lift safely lifts a person in and out of the pool, allowing them to enjoy the pool just like anyone else would!

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