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Lifeway Mobility is dedicated to improving the lives of those we serve. Take a look at our customer reviews to see how we’ve helped these customers regain access or independence at home.

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"Thanks to StairBusters / Lifeway Mobility, at ninety-four years old, I am able to stay in my home and do everything on my own! has been wonderful to work with. I have used the company twice now in two different houses; my son-in-law's house and my own home. At ninety-four years old, I prefer to stay in my own home for as long as I can. Lifeway Mobility has enabled me to do that. I liked their product so much that I had them install two chair lifts in my home; one going upstairs and a second chair lift going down to the basement. They are getting a lot of use too. In fact, today is my laundry day and I have been using the chair lift all day long. I can get down to the freezer on my own and everything. Andy, the technician who installed the chair lifts for me, was very polite and helpful. He was very careful in making sure that I understood everything there was to know about operating the chair lift. He even took the time to watch me run it on my own before he left. Believe me, I have no complaints, and I highly recommend using them. I have already been referring them to people I know."

– Jean M.

"Good Job! No Complaints!  I am very satisfied with StairBusters / Lifeway Mobility Erie. They did a very good job and they were professional. I have had no issues at all and if I had the opportunity to refer them I certainly would do so."

– Glenna B.

"I asked StairBusters / Lifeway Mobility to install a chair lift between the main floor and the basement of a condo for me. They did a great job! The chair started making a little noise, so I called them and they came right back out and adjusted it for me to eliminate the noise. Later, I had a chance to buy another chair lift that was only about a year old, at a big discount. So, I called them to ask about that, and the head man himself came out to look at both of them and advise me. Although they would have made money installing the new one, they advised me to keep the one I had. I appreciated their honesty. I trust these people, and I have been very satisfied with them!"

– Bill C.

"I absolutely love my stair buster!  StairBusters / Lifeway Mobility did a fantastic job of installing my stair buster. I absolutely love it, it is wonderful. The installers arrived on time and I could tell they were very knowledgeable about what they were doing. They did the installation very quickly. I could not give a higher recommendation for Lifeway Mobility. It is working so well, and I am enjoying using it. You would not regret getting one for yourself. They are a great company."

– John P.

"StairBusters / Lifeway Mobility did a great job for me! This was my first time using their services. I heard about them from GECAC who helped me get the stairs. The installers were wonderful. Two younger gentlemen came to do the installation. They were super nice, on time and very respectful. They explained what they were doing and they took the time to explain features of the stairs and explained how the chair works. They took the time to answer the questions I had for them. They were very knowledgeable and courteous. Their pricing was reasonable. I would both use and recommend them!

– Helen M.

"Very pleased!  On my scale, StairBusters / Lifeway Mobility gets five-plus stars. Andy is very friendly along with efficient and professional. In this day and age, it's hard to find people who put their heart and soul into what they are doing which is what I see in Andy. He's a joy to be around. He also knows exactly what he's doing and doesn't drag his feet or waste time monkeying around. I appreciate that. I'm so happy with my new stair chair that I'm planning to have another one installed in my house from the first floor up to the second floor. And of course, I'll call StairBusters / Lifeway Mobility for the job, no question. I highly recommend them to everyone.

– Karen M.

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