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Through the Floor Home Elevators

Wessex Through-Floor Home Elevator

Sleek, stylish Wessex residential elevators are perfect for the two-story home where space is a concern. They can be installed virtually anywhere, while leaving your staircase free of obstruction and providing more usable space in your home. There are no footings or foundations required and it can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a traditional home elevator

Move easily between the floors of your home with a Wessex elevator. A smooth, quiet ride allows you to move about safely and independently, while also keeping your staircase free of obstructions for others living in the home. With compact sizes and free-standing models available, Wessex home elevators are the ultimate in convenience and a perfect solution for families with mixed levels of mobility.

An added bonus: Wessex elevators are elegantly designed, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. These options mean your elevator can perfectly match the decor of your home – making them a stylish addition to the room, rather than its focal point.

With a full product line of Wessex lifts available, there’s a model to meet your space requirements and your decor. Suitable for home and commercial use, Wessex lifts offer quality at an affordable price.

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  • Quick installation
  • Travels up to 11.6 feet
  • Free-standing design does not require a load bearing wall or a hoistway, allowing for a wider choice of elevator locations in the home and helping you save money on construction costs
  • Bright LED, timer-controlled lights are activated automatically by the operation of the elevator and shut off after a pre-set time
  • Emergency back-up systems operate the door, light and alarm, and lower the elevator to the floor in case of a power failure.
  • Audible two-tone alarm with battery back-up is fitted as standard for use in an emergency
  • Elevator safety edges feature will automatically stop the elevator if it is touched or obstructed.
  • Car door and elevator controls can be left or right handed to accommodate the user
  • Sensors built in platform to prevent operation if obstructed
  • Wireless landing controls can be installed on left or right side of elevator cab
  • Wall filler-panels are available to install behind the elevator track, if the elevator is located far from a wall

Tech Specs

Specifications Small Standard Large Extra-Large
Models VE 15, VE 25 VE 31, VE 51 VE 36, VE 56 VE 38, VE 58
Dimensions (W x L) 30 ½" x 23" 28 9/16" x 45 ½" 30 ½" x 47 7/16" 34 13/16" x 54 ⅛"
Weight capacity 550 lbs 550 lbs 550 lbs 550 lbs
Hand rails Standard Available Available Available
Car-mounted fold-down seat option Available Available Available Available
Power car door option Not Available Available Available Available


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  • Add an interior seat
  • Customizable interior color options
  • Upgradable interior lighting
  • Key switch call stations
  • Remote control
  • Power operated door
  • In-car telephone

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