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Commercial Dumbwaiters

Lifeway offers commercial dumbwaiters that are designed for non-passenger vertical transportation applications. This dumbwaiter has the size and weight capacity for most tasks—lifting medical or legal records, prepared food, wheeled carts, firewood, groceries, laundry, and more.

Our commercial dumbwaiters are manufactured by Fox Valley Elevator, which is located in Appleton, Wisconsin. Fox Valley Elevator has been manufacturing dumbwaiters since 1957.

The Paca-Waiter, a commercial dumbwaiter for multi-floor businesses, brings safety and convenience to your facility and your employees. The Paca-Waiter is also ideal for homeowners who frequently need to move larger and heavier loads.

  • This versatile commercial dumbwaiter model is available with a net load capacity of 300 or 500 pounds.
  • Safety and convenience are the hallmarks of this unit, designed for multi-floor businesses.
  • The winding drum drive system and heavy-duty steel guide rails are designed for longevity and efficiency in commercial use.
  • A commercial dumbwaiter provides convenience for employees and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Available with commercial hoistway doors for enhanced safety and complete code compliance.
  • Suitable for applications including restaurants, retail stores, hotels, government buildings, educational facilities, and more.

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  • Travel up to 50 ft.
  • Robust 300 lb. or 500 lb. weight capacity
  • 2-5 stops
  • Hoistway door interlocks
  • Vertical bi-parting car & landing gates
  • Dumbwaiter and door finishes:
    • Standard: Powder-coated steel
    • Optional: Stainless steel


  • Car shelves
  • Car light
  • “Car here” indicator
  • “In use” indicator
  • Door open buzzer
  • Lantern and gong
  • Slide-up car gate
  • Door to access machine


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