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What To Do with Used Medical Equipment

Posted on by Eric Rubel

We get several inquiries from people asking what they should do with their used medical equipment when they no longer need it. In this post, we will share some suggestions and options on what to do with your used medical equipment.

If you have an accessibility solution, such as a stair lift or aluminum wheelchair ramp that you'd like to ret rid of, one of our locations at Lifeway Mobility may be interested in purchasing it, depending on the year and condition of the equipment.

used stair lift used wheelchair ramp from Lifeway Mobility

If you are looking to purchase used stair lift or used wheelchair ramp, please contact us to learn more or set up a free consultation.

Option 1: Donate Your Used Medical Equipment to a Charitable Organization

used medical equipment

Donating your gently used medical equipment is a great option. With a donation, you won’t receive any money back for your device, but you will get a receipt that can be used for tax deductions. Donations allow you to collect a receipt for the current value of the equipment, which can often times be more than you would get by doing a private sale. And, perhaps the most rewarding part of donating your equipment is that it will go to help another family in need.

Many of the organizations below have “equipment closets” that they loan from to help other families for both short and long-term assistance. For example, someone with ALS will have ongoing and changing needs. They might use a manual wheelchair at first, but eventually need a power wheelchair; once they reach the end-stages of the disease, they will not need a wheelchair at all. 

Option 2: Resell Your Used Medical Equipment

If you bought your equipment from elsewhere or have other types of durable medical equipment, your best bet at recouping some of the expenses is to sell it online. Most companies similar buy back policies on this type of equipment as there can be a high level of liability with re-selling used medical equipment due to the health and safety risks involved. For this reason, you are encouraged to give careful consideration when buying certain types of used medical equipment, especially from a private seller.

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