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The Benefits of Having a Professional Home Safety Evaluation

Posted on by John Burfield

As you begin your search for “aging in place” items to help you transition to a safer home environment, making a purchase decision is not always easy. Many products look useful, but may not be the best solution for your unique home. With the numerous options advertised, it can be difficult to know which products and solutions are worth spending money on to allow for safety and comfort at home as we age.

This is where your experts at Lifeway Mobility Indianapolis can lend a hand.

Lifeway Mobility Indianapolis has been performing Home Safety Evaluations since it opened in 2001. We’re Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists, and we’ve been performing accessibility remodeling in the Indianapolis area since 2009. Our team has the experience and knowledge to back up our product recommendations, which we've taken the time to research and hand-pick. Our expertise allows us to perform installations efficiently and securely. At Lifeway Mobility, our goal is to give our clients peace of mind, by helping them improve their homes’ safety and accessibility.

When Lifeway Mobility Indianapolis performs a Home Safety Evaluation, the team member assigned to you will accompany you room-by-room to evaluate your living space and learn about your daily routines and needs. They will then recommend items that can best improve your home safety, and inform you of the cost of the products and their installation. If you aren’t interested in everything they recommend, the price can be adjusted to include only the services you choose to pursue.

We provide a quick turn-around from the time the evaluation is performed when we are able to install the products you have selected.

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