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Stair Lift Troubleshooting Tips

Posted on by John Burfield

If you’re reading this, your stair lift may not be working properly, or you might be thinking about buying a stair lift and want to know what types of issues can occur. Fortunately, a properly installed and maintained lift is unlikely to cause you a problem. If you do have a problem with your lift, there is a series of troubleshooting tips that can solve some common stair lift issues without scheduling a service appointment.

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Is the lift plugged in?

Most stairlifts are battery powered but are charged using a standard electrical plug and wall outlet. If this plug is removed from the wall outlet, it can cause your lift’s battery to drain. Check to make sure the power cord is fully plugged into the wall outlet.

Is the key turned in the ON position?

If your lift model has a key, check to make sure that is in the ON position.

Is the lift receiving power?

Most stair lifts have a series of indicator lights that can tell you if the lift is receiving power. If these lights are not illuminated at all or only a red light is on, your lift is not receiving a charge. This may indicate that your batteries need replacing or that the outlet is not giving off a charge. Check to see if the outlet will power another item such as a lamp. If not, it is likely an issue with the outlet and not the lift. If yes, it may indicate that the batteries in your lift need replacing and you should call your stairlift dealer.

Is the swivel seat locked firmly in place?

Most stair lift models require that the swivel seat be locked firmly in the straight-ahead position (not toward the landing). If the seat is not locked into place, the lift typically will not operate.

Are the arm and footrests locked in the down position?

If an armrest or footrest are not locked in to the down position, your stair lift will probably not operate correctly.

Are there any obstructions on the stairs?

Check the stairs for any obstructions such as a shoe or toy. Most stair lift models have a sensory plate that will not allow a chair to operate if it senses an object is in the way.

Final Thoughts

While these tips may seem obvious, checking for these issues can help to avoid many service calls.However, sometimes a stairlift will require service to replace batteries or a malfunctioning part. One way to avoid having a problem with your stairlift is to schedule annual preventative maintenance appointments.This can help keep your lift working properly and maximize its lifespan.When choosing a stairlift dealer, make sure to inquire about their ability to service the lift they install.

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