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Stair Lifts, Wheelchair Ramps & Lifts to Make Garage Accessible

Posted on by Eric Rubel

solutions from Lifeway Mobility to make garage stairs at home more accessible

One common way to make a home accessible for those with disabilities or limited mobility is by overcoming the steps at the garage entrance. Steps are an accessibility barrier that are typically made of concrete or wood, and railings are not always installed. The construction of the stairs may also be low-quality in some cases, which can pose injury risks from slips and falls. Here are the top 5 solutions to help make a home’s garage safe and accessible.

1. Wheelchair Ramps for Garage

aluminum wheelchair ramp installed in garage by Lifeway Mobility

Aluminum modular wheelchair ramps offer the safest egress and can be custom fit for each individual home. There are certain slope safety requirements that must be abided to, so it’s important to make sure they are professionally installed by a certified contractor. With more steps, more modular ramping will be required. As such, these ramps can take up a lot of space in a garage, so it’s best for larger garages or if there is only one step lea ding into the home. Regardless, wheelchair ramps are great solutions for anyone in a wheelchair, scooter, or even those that can still walk with a walking aid.

An aluminum wheelchair ramp also offers one of the quickest ways to improve access in a garage as they can be installed within a day and are in-stock at most Lifeway Mobility locations.

wheelchair ramp installed in garage by Lifeway Mobility

2. Platform Lifts for Garage

Similar to wheelchair ramps, a wheelchair platform lift is a great solution for make the garage steps accessible for wheelchair and power users, as well as those who use walking aids. Wheelchair platform lifts require less space than wheelchair ramps and allow for independence, depending on the mobility needs of the user.

These type of solutions are the most expensive of the ones mentioned, but financing is available and there are local funding sources that may be able to assist with paying for a platform lift for those tight on budget.

wheelchair plaftorm lift installed in garage by Lifeway Mobility

3. Stair Lifts for Garage

stair lift installed in garage by Lifeway Mobility

A stair lift is another great solution to make the garage stairs more accessible, while also save space like a platform if there are several steps up to the entry door. However, this solution will only be an option for those than can safely transfer onto the chair and have the ability to stand up & sit down independently, as well as remain upright on their own.

Stair lifts are battery-powered and can be installed within a day, depending on inventory of your local Lifeway Mobility. Rentals are also available, which are perfect when a solution may only be needed for a few months (i.e. after a surgery).

4. Railings & Grab Bars for Garage Steps

Steel railings and grab bars make a home handicap accessible by offering an additional level of support on both sides of the steps and aid in fall prevention. PT rails can be installed quickly and custom steel railings can be fabricated to fit a home’s unique dimensions and style. These are among the lowest cost solutions and there is typically a variety of funding options available.

However, these types of solutions are more for those who only need some extra support using the stairs, rather than those who are completely unable to safely navigate the stairs.

PT grab bar rails installed beside garage stairs by Lifeway Mobility handrails installed beside garage stairs by Lifeway Mobility

5. "Easy Steps" for Garage Steps

Steps are typically 7-8 inches tall, which can make it challenging for someone that relies on a walker or a cane to move around. That rise can be hard to overcome. “Easy steps” are a great way to make a home more accessible for those with limited mobility. They are constructed with a shorter rise and a longer run, making entering/exiting a home much easier and safer.  In essence, the steps are shorter and there is more area to gather one’s footing in between strides.

Like grab bars and hand rails, "easy steps" may only work for some individuals with limited mobility that need extra support while using the stairs.

easy steps for garage stairs to improve accessibility

If you're in need of a solution to make the a garage entryway more accessible, but unsure which might be best for you or your family, consider setting up a free consultation with a home accessibility specialist.

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