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Lifeway Mobility Opens a New Showroom with Operational Accessibility Solutions

Posted on by Paul Bergantino

Lifeway is proud to announce the opening of its new showroom at 40 Weston Street, Suite A, Hartford, Connecticut.

Conveniently located just off 84 and 91, the new showroom gives customers and clinicians a chance to see Lifeway’s mobility solutions in action. Fully operational samples on display include:

  • 2 varieties of straight stair lifts
  • A curved stair lift
  • A freestanding overbed transfer lift
  • A modular aluminum entrance ramp
  • A wheelchair (vertical platform) lift
  • A tub transfer system
  • A home elevator

Lifeway Mobility Showroom Stairlift

Also available are a variety of portable safe transfer products, as well as low-cost accessories designed to make transfer safer and easier for both the patient and the caregiver, including transfer belts, slides, pivots, and slings.

The showroom is a key part of Lifeway Mobility’s philosophy—it not only displays the products Lifeway offers, but walks people through how to use them and shows how they might help improve their lives.

Lifeway Mobility Showroom Stairlift

“We want to differentiate ourselves from companies that just sell ramps or stair lifts,” said Paul Bergantino, president of Lifeway Mobility. “Our whole focus is offering a holistic solution for our customers.”

Lifeway Mobility Showroom Stairlift

While drop-ins to the new showroom are welcome, appointments are encouraged. After-hours appointments in the evenings and on Saturdays are also available. The showroom also includes a conference room that is available for meetings. Call 860-292-1111 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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