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Converting An Existing Tub To A Walk In Shower

Posted on by Dan Martin

Stepping over the edge of the bathtub wall can prove dangerous for many elderly and disabled people. Create step-in access to your tub/shower with a tub cut out, a low-cost tub-to-shower conversion solution that will provide step-in accessibility to your existing bathtub.

Standard Tub Cut Out


Installing a tub cut out will greatly reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom. Additionally, it will increase convenience and safety in the bathroom, and it's a more affordable option than replacing a traditional bathtub with an expensive roll-in, barrier-free or handicap accessible shower.

A tub cut out can be installed in less than one day by a professional. A licensed professional contractor will cut the wall of the bathtub to accommodate a spacious opening for walk-through access to the shower. He will remove a portion of the bathtub wall and install the tub cut out. Most existing types of bathtubs including fiberglass, acrylic, steel and cast iron tubs can be converted to a step-in tub.

Convertible Tub Cut Out for Baths


Not ready to get rid of your bathtub forever? Choose the Convertible Tub Cut Solution. The Convertible Tub Cut allows you to add a watertight insert that can be quickly configured as a step-in tub or a traditional tub so that you can still take baths if you wish. The removable unit locks and unlocks quickly offering the user flexibility for his/her changing needs. The Convertible Tub Cut is installed in less than one day and typically can be performed on an existing tub.

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