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Bath and Shower Seats for Home

Posted on by Dan Martin

If you have mobility or balance issues, taking a shower or even getting in or out of the bathtub/shower presents a potentially dangerous situation. For most people, a shower is a time for relaxation and stress release. But if you face physical challenges and/or suffer from a health condition, the act of bathing can be a scary, stressful time. An elderly, ill or disabled person should equip his/her bathtub or shower with a bath seat to prevent the risk of falling.

Two thirds of all accidental injuries in the United States each year happen in the bath or shower. Wet, slippery surfaces are particularly hazardous to people over 65 years of age. Reports indicate one in three people over age 65 will suffer a fall annually. Many bath seats, benches and shower chairs are available for residential showers or tubs. This piece highlights options for bath and shower seats for the home. If you or a loved one find yourself unsteady on your feet a shower bench or seat becomes a necessary accessory.

HealthCraft Bath Board


The HealthCraft Bath Board is a great option to enable the user to sit safely in the tub. The Bath Board fits snugly between both sides of the tub, providing a solid and secure seat.

It is equipped with adjustable anti-slip friction feet to hold the board safely in place in your tub. The Bath Board's white plastic seat is easy to clean and makes washing, entering or existing the tub easier and safer.

The Bath Board spans the entire width of the tub so users can easily slide to the tub’s edge to get in or out. The board supports up to 330 pounds in weight.

Once installed, users typically leave the bench in place, but it can easily be removed. A Bath Board works very well with a tub cut out.




A Transfer Bench is a removable seat/bench made of sturdy plastic complete with a backrest for added comfort. The bench provides easier and safer access for people who have difficulty getting in or out of the shower.

The bench seat extends beyond the tub to allow for a user to remain seated while turning on/off the water, drying or transferring out of tub. This bench accommodates up to 400 lbs and can be equipped with handles for a secure grip.

Typically a hole needs to be cut in the shower curtain liner to accommodate the transfer bench. Transfer Benches also work well with a tub cut out.

PVC Shower Chair


This inexpensive high quality chair is lightweight and super durable. It can easily be rolled in and out of a barrier free or handicapped accessible shower for use as needed.

This model holds up to 300 pounds in weight, and is easy to clean and disinfect. Many models and sizes are available to fit perfectly in the desired space. When not in use, the chair can be stored out of the way.

Deluxe Flip Down Seat


A Flip Down Shower Seat is a solid, wall-mounted fold-down seat with a slim profile. The wall mount brackets maximize wall contact and spread the weight-bearing surface for an exceptionally solid feel.

A removable backrest allows access to wall tiles for easy cleaning. Flip Down Seats also feature a machined precision tension hinge that prevents the seat from inadvertently falling down.

The model pictured here is made of bamboo. Bamboo is grown in hot, humid and wet climates – similar to a shower environment which means the bamboo seat panels don’t crack, warp or leach but maintain their consistent color and grain.

Flip down seats have specific installation requirements and may not work in every shower. Call today for more details to see if a Flip Down Seat could be an option for your shower.

Additional products such as hand-held shower heads or grab bars can be utilized with any of the seating options for additional safety measures. Shake off any fears of slipping in the shower by investing in a bath board, transfer bench or shower seat today!

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