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Aging Gracefully in Place

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Studies show that 90% of older adults say they wish to stay in their homes as they age. If you are one of them, it’s time to make a plan for aging gracefully in place!

Nobody wants to feel old. They may have turned 80 which basically means they have survived 80 trips around the sun! They may not look or feel their age, but each year they ask themselves, “where has the time gone?” We know we’re getting older when we have ourselves locked into a certain age in our head. For some they may think of themselves as still 26 years old, when their mind was sharp, and body was strong and invincible. They may have gotten married, raised children too, taught them what they knew, realizing all along the children were really teaching them how to parent, how to love.

The precious senior in front of you may have had a stunning career or perhaps worked jobs others may have ridiculed. No matter how horrific their life may look through your eyes, chances are they choose to remember the wonderful people they met along the way. At 80 years of age, they have cultivated a lifetime of friendships and count themselves fortunate to have loved family and friends through it all. But where are all those friends now? Has this senior citizen of planet earth been left stranded without their crew? Who are you to them? Are you their child, caregiver, medical professional, or neighbor?

If you asked them what they would like for a gift, would they be the person who already has everything? Or would they be the one who wants nothing? Here are some gift ideas that could make a difference.

The Gift of Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully can bring challenges and with those challenges comes embarrassment. No one plans on stumbling or becoming forgetful. Nobody has ever expressed the desire to become irrelevant or invisible. One of the best gifts we can extend to the elderly is giving them the gift of aging gracefully to be at peace with whatever stage of life they are in now.

The Gift of Understanding

We have all mixed up our words, spoken too quickly or in a harsh manner and then regretted it later. Sometimes the older brain is not at its best. If we can offer a listening ear without judgement or pressure to perform differently, perhaps we can be the catalyst for comfort.

The Gift of Patience

Maybe your senior used to be the life of the party or was running circles around everyone else and now they can’t get up from the chair. We have all been guilty of unrealistic expectations. But when a senior is struggling physically, emotionally or mentally, allowing them to process at their own pace without spraying anger mist on them is a gift.

The Gift to Take Them to the Next Level

There are other gifts that have a safety feature attached to them. Perhaps your senior is struggling to navigate their home and insist on scooting up the steps or even crawling. A simple and inexpensive solution that could bring them great peace of mind is the stair lift.

The Gift of Ascending to a Higher Place

When an individual has struggled through all the seasons of life for 80 years, perhaps it’s time to give them a little break. Those who wish to stay in their home and enjoy all the levels of their house, could benefit greatly from a residential elevator. There are so many options these days and they are probably not as expensive as you think!

The Gift of Removing Obstacles

Anything that hinders the well-being of a person can wear them down. The simple act of taking a shower can become a huge deal when there is a 14-inch blockade known as the bathtub. Not everyone can lift their leg high enough to clear that obstruction safely. Maybe it’s time for your senior to enjoy a barrier free shower. If you go with Lifeway Mobility, we will send a consultant to the home free of charge. They will take measurements and provide a quote treating everyone as if they were family. Why? Because that’s what we do.

At Lifeway Mobility, we also handle the installation of the home modifications without outsourcing any of the work. The families we serve are often in difficult situations with tough decisions to make. We don’t want to add to their “to do list”, so we provide, install and service the equipment – it’s basically one call to one company!

For all that these precious seniors have seen in this world, it is an amazing site to see when they have chosen to embrace each day with the courage to move ahead. What lessons we can learn from those who strive to be the best they can be in the midst of challenges that are new to them. We should respect those who are aging – for indeed it is a badge of honor.

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