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Curved Stair Lifts

Harmar UP Curved Stairlift

Make navigating the stairs safer with Harmar's innovative UP curved modular stairlift from Lifeway Mobility. Designed for immediate installation, it can be installed as soon as the day of the consultation in some cases. The UP stairlift's modular rail can be configured to fit your unique staircase on the spot and can accommodate virtually any addition or move to a new home. Schedule a FREE consultation to discover more about the UP modular curved stairlift!



  • Harmar UP curved stairlift from Lifeway Mobility with components folded up
    Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Reusable modular rail that can be constructed for any staircase
  • 60° powered swivel sweat for safe exit/entry at the top landing of the stairs
  • Foldable armrests for safe on/off the stairlift seat
  • Powered (un)-folding footrest prevents having to bend over to put down the footrest
  • Environmentally friendly - aluminum rail is 100% recyclable
  • Remote Wi-Fi diagnostic for quickly identifying any potential issues with the lift
  • Mobile App for moving the chair and locking it as needed, and sharing diagnostics
  • Modern diamond-stitched upholstery offers a modern look
  • Constant pressure seat control & joystick remote controls to call/send chair (see below)
  • Retractable seatbelt & sensor
  • Safety sensors & features
  • 5-year warranty on major components and 2 years on parts
Harmar UP Curved stairlift safety seat belt Harmar UP Curved stairlift joystick remote control

Modular Rail

UP modular rail

The Harmar UP curved stairlift from Lifeway Mobility is one of the only modular curved stairlifts on the market. While quick turnarounds are one of the UP rail's major benefits, it also allows our local teams to remove and re-construct the lift to fit a new staircase in your current home or a new home if needed.

3 Rail Landing Options

There are 3 different types of landing options for the end of the modular rail at the bottom and landings of the stairs. The best one for your staircase will depend on the area around the landings, number of people living in the home, and options selected

  • Straight (pictured below)  - The most basic of the three rail finish options, best for when the lift ends at the landing of the stairs and no bends are needed
  • Horizontal - Perfect for when it's preferred to keep the chair away from the stairs, using a 90°-park or 180°-park rail option at the landing.
  • Dropnose - Provides the most free space when the lift is not in use.
Harmar UP curved stairlift rail with straight landing option for modular rail

Environmentally Friendly

The aluminum used for the UP curved modular rail is 100% recyclable!  It is produced in the Netherlands and the choice to use the aluminum rail allows for savings in both energy and CO2 emissions. By recycling aluminum, approximately 80 tons of greenhouse gasses are saved, which is equivalent to 15 million vehicles on the road!



  • Automatic powered hinge rail (picture below)
  • 90-degree rail park
  • 180-degree rail park (picture below)
Harmar UP curved modular stairlift folding rail option Harmar UP curved modular stairlift with 180-degree rail park option


Lifeway-Harmar UP curved Stair Lift Brochure preview image

Learn more about all the features and benefits of a Harmar UP curved stairlift

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Harmar UP owner's manual thumbnail

Get a better idea of how to operate the Harmar UP curved stairlift from Lifeway 

Open Owner's Manual


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