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Tub Cut-Outs

Make your existing tub accessible again by converting it to a step-in tub. This is the least expensive and quickest way to solve the problem of getting into and out of your tub. A tub cut-out accommodates a wide range of different situations and can be installed on your existing tub in just one day!


Ready to enjoy a safe, comfortable bathing experience at a fraction of the cost and time of a full tub to shower remodel? Lifeway Mobility can install your tub step promptly – in just one day! – so you can bathe safely once again.

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  • Can be done on any tub, including fiberglass, steel, and even cast iron.
  • Installed in less than one day
  • Skid resistance surface greatly reduces the possibility of falls & increases safety & convenience
  • Enables easy step-in access
  • Ideal for homes, apartments, senior living communities, and hotels.

Pricing & Options

Tub Cut Step (Standard)

Clean Cut Tub Cut w/ Step

Adds Step-In Accessibility to your existing tub

  • Transforms your tub into a step-in shower
  • Comes in beige and white
  • Our most affordable product!

Pricing: Starting at $1,120*

Tub Cut Ultra-Low

Clean Cut Ultra Low Tub Cut

Adds Step-In Accessibility to Higher Profile Tubs!

  • Transforms your tub into a step-in shower
  • Comes in beige and white
  • Ideal for tall tubs!

Pricing: Starting at $1,120*

Tub Cut with Door

Clean Cut Tub Cut with Door

Adds a Water-Tight Door for Taking a Full Bath!

  • Step in, then take a bath or shower
  • Left or right hinge configuration
  • Allows for easy bathing solution!

Pricing: Starting at $1,620*

Tub Cut with Convertible Door

Clean Cut Tub Cut with Convertible Door

Configures from Step-In to Full Bath in Seconds!

  • Configure as traditional bath or step-in shower
  • Removable unit locks and unlocks quickly
  • Our most versatile product - easily switch back and forth!

Pricing: Starting at $1,620*


*Actual price depends on location of install and tub material.


Tub cut-out with watertight door in Massachusetts

Improve your mobility with a tub cut-out.
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