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Wheelchair Ramp FAQs

How much does a wheelchair ramp cost?

There is not a simple answer to this question because the price of a wheelchair ramp depends on the configuration, material type, upgrade options, and other costs such as permits. The prices listed below are estimated ranges to give you a general idea how much a wheelchair ramp might cost, but our suggestion is to schedule a free in-home consultation to get an exact wheelchair ramp price for your home and needs.

  • Residential aluminum wheelchair ramps: Pricing ranges between $1,000-$10,000, but can exceed $10,000 for unique configurations.
  • Commercial aluminum wheelchair ramps: commercial aluminum ramps cost a bit more than residential ones, ranging between $5,000-$20,000 on average.
  • Rental Wheelchair Ramp Options: Available in select locations. Contact us for more information about our wheelchair ramp rental program.
  • Threshold ramps: $65-$325 range for aluminum or rubber threshold entry ramps, and mats
  • Portable folding ramps: $175 - $1,000 range for aluminum or graphite fiber.

Will health insurance policies or Medicare pay for a wheelchair ramp?

Unfortunately, most health insurance policies and Medicare plans will not pay for a wheelchair ramp. A ramp can be considered as a medically necessary piece of equipment, but unfortunately, Medicare does not mark it as an item that would directly treat a medical condition.

What type of wheelchair ramp material is best?

There is not one type of material that is the "best" for ramps, but we often suggest aluminum because of the benefits that it has over wood and concrete. Aluminum wheelchair ramps are least expensive, can be installed within days, and require little-no maintenance. These types of ramps are fully customizable as well.

What are the ADA requirements for a wheelchair ramp?

According to the ADA, the length of ramp should be based on a 1:12 ratio, meaning for every 1 inch of rise, there should be 1 foot in length of ramp. Lifeway follows the ADA ramp guidelines, but there may be times where a 1:10 ratio is an option if a caregiver or family member will always be assisting a wheelchair user on the ramp.

Can I sell a ramp back to you when I no longer need it? How much will I get for it?

Yes! The amount we pay varies based on use, condition and age.

Is the ramp slippery?

The surface of our aluminum ramps has a tread that helps prevent slips and falls. In fact, our aluminum surface is arguably the safest product on the market for those with limited mobility. Come into one of our showroom and try it for yourself.

How do I know if I should have a wheelchair ramp or lift installed to overcome the stairs outside of my home?

The number one factor that helps determine whether you'll need a wheelchair ramp or lift is the amount of space that's available for an installation. For a wheelchair ramp, you'll need one foot of ramp per inch of rise, which can turn into a very long and winding ramp if the entryway is high off the ground. The other thing to consider is the mobility of the individual in need of the accessible solutions. If you or your loved one cannot safely maneuver up the ramp alone, then a lift is going to be the better solution.

Can I rent a wheelchair ramp?

Yes, Lifeway does offer rental wheelchair ramp options. Renting is also a great choice when it is unknown how long the wheelchair ram is going to be needed. For example, if you or your loved one had surgery and need to use a wheelchair or knee walker temporarily, a rental ramp would be perfect. If it is decided that the rental ramp is needed long-term, there is a rent-to-own purchase option.

Visit our wheelchair ramp rental page to learn more about how our rental program works or please feel free to call us at (303) 693-7787 for more information.

Please note that only select Lifeway locations offer rentals.

What types of wheelchair ramps does Lifeway Mobility offer?

Lifeway is proud to offer a variety of aluminum modular wheelchair ramps, and several types of threshold and portable ramps from EZ-ACCESS. The wheelchair ramps we offer have been hand selected by our accessibility professionals through years of experience and research.   We will work with you to determine the right solution for your home—to eliminate any entry barriers and make your home accessible.

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