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Will a Stair Lift Damage My Walls?

Posted on by Lifeway Mobility Technician

While some may worry that a stairlift installation could damage the walls or floor in their home, that is a myth, and simply not true.  Professional installation of a stairlift will not damage the walls in a home as they are simply installed onto the stair treads.

close photo showing stair lift installed on treads of stairs and not the wall top view of stair lift rail installed on treads of stairs, not damaging walls curved stairlift installed onto stairs, not the wall

Installing a Stair Lift onto the Stair Treads

Lifeway Mobility professional technician installation stairlift onto carpeted stair treads

When we install a stair lift at Lifeway Mobility, we typically use 2-4 support brackets with (4) 3/8" screws to keep the stair lift secure on the stair treads. Most customers are surprised and delighted to hear that we attach each stair lift to the stairs’ tread, and not the wall itself. This prevents any damage to the walls.

Stair Lift Removal - No Damage to Walls or Floor

The mounting of the stairlift onto the stairs is so discreet that when the unit is removed by one of our professionally trained technicians, it will almost appear as if the unit was never there. Our installation team ensures that positioning, mounting, and testing your new stair lift is effortless on your part.

  • Carpeted Stairs  -- When removing a stairlift from carpeted stairs, there may be markings where the brackets were. However, vacuuming and/or cleaning the carpet can help the markings over time. Similar to what you might expect to see after moving a piece of furniture from a carpet that has been there for a long time.
  • Wood Stairs -- If you have wood stairs, the holes from where the brackets & railing were secured can be filled with any common wood filler.
  • Concrete Stairs -- Like wood stairs, the screw holes can be filled with a concrete filler.
before and after removal of stairlift from carpeted stairs

While a stair lift may leave minor markings on stair treads that can be filled and/or cleaned, they will not damage the stairs, regardless of the type of stair surface type in your home

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